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Using RSS Feeds To Feed Your Website More Visitors

Aug 17, 2007
Creating Your own rss feed is a great way to get links to other peoples website and get traffic to your website. after getting over the code which can be copied and pasted it's pretty much like running a blog.

Well First of all let me say if you're feeding your web site visitors more it should be feeding your bank account more money , but that depends on your marketing strategies, marketing startagies are covered on the membership site check author box, this article will show you how to gain traffic using rss feeds.

RSS stands For "really simple syndication" at least that's what google told me. Anyways if you don't know rss is a program or a script that runs on your web site that automatically updates using other peoples content. so if your not experienced with rss feeds you may be wondering how is using others peoples content going to get you traffic well there are a number of ways

First Having content that updates regularly is good in the search engine eyes plus most like when you have links coming in and going out (more in than out).
If your using Articles from other peoples website or copied articles put rss feeds on the same page with feeds that have the same keywords as the article and you wouldn't get a duplicate content filter ( that is when the search enginge's don't index your page because its the same as many others.

By the way through testing i have found that the person with the most links going to the same article get listed. For instance if you have the same article as me on your website and we both have nothing else but that article on that page if you have say ten links going to that page and i have 5 for a particular search engine you will get indexed and i will not.

Another way to use Rss feeds is to create your own you can do this easily by creating a blog and syndicating it, there is directions at blogger.com on how to do this.

To learn more about using rss feeds or creating one go to http://www.mnot.net/rss/tutorial/
To get custom rss feeds for your webpages for instance you have a web page on cat collars you can go to http://news.yahoo.com/rss and go down to create your on feed type in cat collars and there you go copy the url and paste into the rss code in place of the default url.

There is more to learn about rss feeds you can find out every way to use them By Taking The Time To Learn More
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