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Retirees; Enjoy a Second Career as a Trucker

Mar 1, 2008
Becoming a truck driver is one of the fastest and rapidly growing careers to hit the market today. With a commercial expansion in the trucking industry, a prominent shortage of drivers is noticeable. The shortage of drivers in accordance to the ever growing industry is prompting the truckers industry to better the wages and benefits being offered. It is a way to attract retirees into enjoying a second career.

What is the criterion for joining as a truck driver?

Most of the companies prefer to hire graduates of high school. In case you are not one, you could have a GED diploma (General Education Development).

It would be an absolute must to have a taint free driving record. So, ensure that nothing goes against you, to give you that clean record. Yet, if there happens to be some such record, do make sure that you declare it. May be offense would be pardonable in hiring you. But never make the mistake of keeping it from the employer.

You may have been driving cars and other such light vehicles for years, but when it comes to trucks, you will need a CDL, which is a commercial driver's license. That will enable you to drive heavy vehicles and trucks and also transport materials that are hazardous. This test for driving trucks comprises both, practical driving and written test, to assess your ability to handle commercial vehicles. Hence, see that you obtain the license before you apply.

The Department of Transportation in the US requires you to qualify in another exam called the FMCSR known as Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations exam. This again comprises a written test as well as a physical exam of vision and hearing abilities. This exam is carried out every two years for the truck driver, to hold his job and license.

It becomes mandatory for truck companies to further conduct pre-employment drug tests and make subsequent follow ups for all the truck drivers. In the eventuality of failing such a test, it will result in non-hiring of the person's services or terminating his services, if currently employed.

Overall the industry is facing shortage of drivers and is on the look out to recruit and retain experienced drivers with good track-record. Age is not a criterion in such cases, though it is found that most of the drivers are over the age of fifty and going strong in the truck driving industry because of their record for being professionally safe, their good judgment skills, a sense of reliability and responsibility and their outstanding work ethics.

Why Be a Truck Driver?

Most truck drivers today are earning over $ 30,000 in the first year itself and increase with time. Those who have trucks of their own can earn, as much as $1, 00,000 or more in a year.

Truck driving is a beautiful way to travel places and see the country. It's an excellent career choice for those of you, who just love to move on the road.

This is one of the best careers to choose after retirement. Truck driving and transportation companies need more and more drivers with the increasing need of transportation.
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