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Truck Driving- A Good Career Choice

Mar 1, 2008
It's a myth that only higher degrees can earn you a secured and a high paying job. If you look around, there are many options that can offer you a good pay pack and keep you satisfied. Driving a truck is one good career option. There are number of reasons, that many like to take up driving a truck as a full fledge career.

Both men and women can flourish in this field. Trucking is not only fun and adventurous, but also gives you a secured future. If you have a passion for driving and love to travel to different places at any given time, then you are a suitable person for this job. Truck driving as a career doesn't require any degree, but you need to be excellent at driving and time sensitive. Trucking though sounds fun, needs a lot of training and licensing. Anyone who is interested to get into this field can attend a driving school that can help you handle the truck well and also teach you rules of the road and give safety tips, while handling a truck. Some of the driving schools offer a job placement facility, after you clear the state licensing test.

Most companies are on the look out for drivers, who can not only drive well, but also know to handle a truck safely. With the insurance cost going up, companies do not want to risk by hiring a reckless driver. Driving a truck helps you earn a good amount. A person with a good driving experience can earn more than $65,000 per year and an entry level driver can earn up to $ 30,000 per year. As you start gaining more experience, your pay starts increasing. Many truck drivers earn up to $85,000 per year. As there is always a shortage of good drivers, most companies have started giving benefits to retain drivers. Dental, medical, life insurance, vision and retirement are some of the benefits that a truck driver gets. Fortune 500 companies always give compensation for a driver's efforts that motivates him to do better. A truck driver is eligible to a bonus, depending on his year of service and quality of work done.

Many a times a truck driver has to work with odd hours for delivery reasons. You may need to travel in the night and take routes that will help you reach the destination on time. People who love to travel will enjoy this type of job. However, some companies leave the choice to you to travel. You can opt to be a local driver or a long distance or a region driver. A person who does not like to work in the normal timings of 9 to 6 can enjoy working as a truck driver. However, you should be ready, to put in any number of hours for work.

If you are a person, who can adapt to any environment and can travel on a regular basis, you can get into trucking. As per the American Trucking Association, there is a large shortage of good drivers and anyone, who gets into truck driving, has a secured future. Truck Driving is definitely a promising career, you can rely on.
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