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Using A Ghost To increase Your Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
Yes Folks That Right you can use a ghost to increase your web site traffic and scare you customers into buying your products.

Oh Did I Say Ghost I Mean Ghostwriter (If you read the newsletter before this one is very similar to premium content but yet your having the content create to you specifications but you can use them in the same way so if you remember what we talked about last time you can skip down to the section on setting up a template for your content).

The Ghostwriter can write anything for you from web site content, articles, to whole ebooks, to your specifications i going to show you how to set up a template to give to you ghostwriter in you bid request ( by the way you can go to places like rentacoder and set up an account and have people bid on you work this can save you alot of money)
here is an example of a set of articles i wanted written for a web site based on wheel chairs
start of template

Note: Primary Keyword Density Should Be Between 3%-5% for each article. In the first and last paragraph the keyword should show 5%-10% but yet not make the entire page more then 3%-5%. if possible the first and last word should be the primary keyword if not possible the primary keyword should be as close as possible to the beginning and the end
Headline: Use primary keyword phrase first, together
Sub-headline: use a secondary keyword phrase once in a sub-headline
Primary keyword phrase:
use at least once in each paragraph
Secondary Keywords
use at least twice in article
Related keywords
use at least once in article
Article needs to be in range of 400-600 words

Article 1
primary keyword phrase: electric wheelchair
Secondary keyword phrases: power wheelchair
Related keywords
invacare, jazzy
end of template

Using this template you plug in your keywords that deal with your topic and then let them go crazy once there done check out there work and bam you got yourself some new unique content that you can place on your web site and then submit to some type of article submitter whether it be you some software or someone else you pay.

If your still wondering how to get traffic to your web site there are many options you have that you can find at the web site below.There you have it go out and increase your web site traffic. Make sure Though that the traffic you get is targeted traffic or else you are just wasting your time and theres.
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