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Show And Tell: Tapping Into The Power Of Web Video

Mar 2, 2008
Web video has recently gained momentum as a marketing tool for online sellers. This fast-growing phenomenon, according to Joe Chapuis, president of http://WebVideoZone.com, can be traced to improvements in video compression and the growth of broadband internet. Enthuses Chapuis, "Higher bandwidth is now the norm - even DSL connections are at a point where they can handle video playback. And as we're able to compress more data into smaller video files, it's getting easier and easier to offer high quality video presentations online."

A Versatile Medium

This trend continues to catch on as more and more e-tailers discover the benefits of creating and monetizing their own videos. There are numerous ways you can profitably employ web video:

* Direct response videos - Upload videos that demonstrate your product or service to various distribution sites; and at the end of the video, allow the viewer to "Click Here for More Information" or "Click Here to Buy Now."

* Standard product demos - You can incorporate these into your web site or eBay auction to help boost conversions or increase bids.

* Affiliate links - In your affiliate program, integrate videos that turn into affiliate links.

* Web site enhancement - Add value to your web site with informational or educational videos, or video tutorials.

* Video blogs - Create a video blog with focused content catering to your target market, to keep your customers coming back again and again.

* Trust builder - More than any other medium, video can help you lower buyer resistance by showing visitors the real, relatable human being behind your site.

When you're making your video, you need to understand and keep in focus what, specifically, you want it to accomplish. Is your objective to increase sales, build your email list, educate your visitors, or establish credibility? Your purpose will determine your message, so it's important to keep that at the front of your mind throughout the creation process.

Even if your products don't require demonstration, video can still give your website a personal touch. For example, if you sell a service, shoot a brief video interview to share what you do and how it helps users. Tape an overview or introduction of your site, or take visitors on a location tour. If you sell a static product, like ceramic barbeque pits, create a short piece showing you sitting around the barbeque pit with your family and friends, cooking in it, etc.

Substance Over Style

You don't need a lot of technical expertise or fancy equipment to make effective videos - just a DV camcorder and some inexpensive video editing software. It's okay if your videos aren't perfect or professional - they just need to show that you're real.

Video newcomers often tend to get carried away with crazy edits, transitions, and flashy effects. But producing a cool-looking or funny video is a waste, if no one understands the point or remembers what was advertised. You're not running a branding campaign - you're trying to drive sales or educate your customers. Don't get so caught up in the vehicle that you forget about the message.

Employing video can significantly improve your sales conversion and help you connect with your customers. There are many tools available now that make it so easy and inexpensive to create web videos that you really don't have any excuse not to get started. Encourages Chapuis, "It's such a simple process - anyone can do it. And really, anyone can benefit from it, so why not try it out and see what it can do for your eBiz?"
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