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Mar 2, 2008
There are a number of different ways for you to increase the amount of people that visit your web site so that you can be more successful and earn more money. Many site owners produce links that they publish on other sites that lead to their own web page. These links help people to notice your site on the Internet and they also attract a specific target audience.

Another way that web site owners increase the popularity of their pages is by building the amount of search engine traffic that is aimed toward the site. There are several positive aspects that come from increasing the amount of search engine traffic that your site receives. One of these includes a higher possibility of potential clients and loyal customers that will use your site more often.

Several different methods are used to increase a web site's search engine traffic and some of them are more successful than others. One of the most effective methods is a concept known as the Long tail theory, which will provide a constant flow of search engine traffic to your web page. This particular theory is based upon the proper usage and regulation of long tail keywords.

The theory basically states that the Internet has begun to change how the retail industry produces, distributes, and sells all of its products. For many years, retail businesses simply created products that would fit the basic interests of a large lump of people which made these particular products best sellers and very popular. The world of online business however has made it much easier for people to purchase products that a customized and created just for them.

Instead of creating products that are very generalized, businesses are now starting to use online technology to make their products very specific and catered to the needs of people who now use the Internet to do their shopping. With the use of effective and attractive web pages, these once overlooked products can now be just as popular and appealing as the best seller products of large companies. The Long tail theory allows small scale businesses to achieve just as much success and popularity as the big retail businesses through the use of the Internet.

The key to using this theory is to come with the long tail keywords that some people might be searching for online. Instead of implementing short keywords into a web page like many online site owners do, this theory emphasizes the importance of narrowing the search to a specific phrase. This phrase contains several keywords put together that several Internet users might be searching for.

For example, many web sites will probably use the keyword "mortgage" in their web site in order to get picked up by search engines. Although this is a very popular keyword, just imagine all of the thousands of other web pages that are doing the same thing and realize that you will have to compete with all of them for customers. According to the Long tail theory, you should rather use the keyword in a phrase such as "second mortgages for people with poor credit", which will narrow your specific target audience and also eliminate the amount of competition that you will have to face.
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