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Social Bookmarking for New Bloggers

Mar 2, 2008
Are you just starting out with your blog and trying to figure out how to get people to visit and read your posts? One of the easiest ways to get free or cheap traffic to you site is to submit your posts to the social bookmark sites like StumbleUpon, and Digg. Try this method to boost your blog traffic and see what results you get.

It goes without saying, new content is essential to submission. Social network sites certainly are interested in your new content that you've posted to you site but they only want to hear about it once and they want it fresh. Don't spam the network sites and don't spit out the same old stuff. Make your content of interest and value and people will come to read. Develop a reputation of providing valuable content and you will gain loyal readers and potentially many subscribers too. Aim to post new content daily. If you can manage five new posts a day that would be a great practice for the first month. In 30 days you will have 150 posts! If you can't manage five then try to do four. Okay, three at the least. You're trying to gain traffic and add value to your site so take the time to develop some articles worth your visitor's time.

With every new post you make to your blog, submit the page to the social networks. There are over 30 main social bookmarking sites. To submit each one manually would take time and create a huge headache for you. Here's a shortcut for a good chunk of them. Go to OnlyWire and register for all the social bookmarking sites they are associated with. They are listed individually with a link to go to the individual site registration pages. You only need to do this once for each one, giving a user name and password for each (make it the same if you can) and then you're set. You can now bookmark the "Save Page" (OnlyWire will explain how) for one click social bookmarking. Now, every time you place a new blog post you simply click the Save Page bookmark and a form will appear with the name of the page and the blog post URL filled in. All of the bookmark sites you signed up for will be selected. Just click "Bookmark Page" and your post will be submitted to all of the network sites you registered with.

Aiming for five posts a day, that's five submissions to the network sites a day and 150 social bookmarks for your site every month. If you also submit each of your blog posts as articles to the various article directories you will gain more links back to your site and potentially even more visitors. Keep it up and you can sit back and watch the traffic flow in!
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