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Making Money With Ebooks - Top 3 Ways

Mar 2, 2008
There are a lot more than just 3 ways to make money on the Internet using Private Label Resell Rights also known as ebook resell rights. However, these are the top 3 ways to turn resell rights into a viable Internet business.

The third best way.

The third best way is to start a blog using the PLR that has been purchased. Don't just cut and paste though. Add your own flavor with personal experiences and stories. Make the content your own.

If the product deals with an area you are not familiar with or don't have experience don't just lie do some research and gain some personal knowledge on the subject. then change the content enough to reflect your own personal style.

Web surfers will be more likely to book mark your blog and come back for more in the future if the content is informative and personal. If your a newbie at blogging a good place to start is Google's Blog service. However, just having a blog doesn't make money. There are thousands of blogs out there that don't make a dime.

There must be some type of system to monetize the traffic received. Google Adsense, affiliate ads and the new PPP advertising are just a few ways to monetize blog traffic.

One note of concern with using the blog method is to make sure you don't just throw up all your content in one or two days. The best method is to launch your blog with one or two posts. Then, every day go back and add one or two more post.

Building your blog content slowly over time will give it more validity with the search engines. It will also keep your visitor coming back if they see new, unique, quality content being added every day.

The second best way.

The second best way to make money with PLR resell rights is VRE This is a term that was coined by John Reese. It stands for 'Virtual Real Estate'. The idea is to take the PLR content and simply turn it into a website using each page of content as a separate page of your website.

Once you have it ready simply put your Google Adsense code in the proper places on the web pages and bingo your VRE is ready to start making money. Again it is best to start slowly and build. A four or five page website is a good size and then add content pages little by little every few days or once a week.

The key is to have good content on each page along side the Adsense ads. Don't just throw up a bunch of spam sites with little or no content on them and think that they will produce hundreds of dollars a month. Most likely they will just get banned or de-indexed by the search engines!

The best way.

The Number one way to make the most money with PLR resell rights is to build a new product package from the resell rights. Then, do a full product launch! Although this is the most lucrative and has the highest money making potential, it is also the most time consuming and it takes the most skill and work.

This is not for the newbie or the faint of heart but it is the best way to make money with good quality private label resell rights.

Take the original PLR that was purchased and use it as a foundation or core. In other words build an entire new product around the old PLR. For example turn it into an in depth study course with multiple bonuses. This could be done by combining and editing several different PLR products on the same subject.

Once the editing process is done the next step might be to turn this final collation into printed form. Then, create some video tutorials and put every thing onto dvd. If the original PLR came with websites and graphics, redesign these or hire a web designer to create some new ones.

Since the old PLR is now a new product, the old web pages and graphics will not be sufficient any more. Plus, you do not want the new product to be connected to the old in any visible way. Now you have a whole new product package that is ready for a massive launch campaign.

Do you know what the number 1 way to make little or no money with your PLR is?

Simply do nothing. 90% or more would be Internet marketers fail simply because they do nothing or do very little. All the hundreds of dollars of PLR products purchased are sitting on their hard drive in the same location that it was downloaded. It's all just sitting there collecting digital dust!

Get out there and do something. At the very least get the website and graphics that may have come with the PLR published on the internet. Then start advertising it. If you have a small or non-existent budget start by using any free advertising you can find. A good place to start would be submitting articles.
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John Atkinson, a successful internet marketer. 2008 Private Label Resell Rights launch of Gold Standard PLR is being called, by those who have had a sneak peek, "The hottest new PLR on the Internet!" Affiliates are set to make some big money.
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