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For My Internet Marketing Email Solution, Which is Better, Text or HTML?

Mar 2, 2008
What is the best Internet marketing email marketing solution for my business? The answer to that question may surprise you but read on and you will find the answer and more.

HTML as Your Email Marketing Solution.

There is absolutely no doubt that as an Internet marketing email solution HTML Newsletters are more attractive than plain text. Using HTML in your email marketing system provides a large variety of ways for you to incorporate colors, fonts and images that you would love for your subscribers to see. They are also great for branding your Internet business.

By using your Internet email marketing to show the same logo, colors and even your photograph on a regular schedule you can influence feelings of trust in you subscribers. This is a great way to help your subscribers become comfortable with you and your product or service. By creating this comfort and trust through your email marketing system, in you and your brand you will also increase your sales and profits

By using HTML as your email marketing solution on the other hand, it is much more likely to get caught up in spam filters which drastically reduces your email delivery rate. One of the main reasons for this is because a high percentage of spammers use graphical emails in their email marketing system, in an attempt to show words that would have triggered spam filters.

Another unfortunate strike against using HTML as your email marketing solution is that many users have opted to block graphics in their emails. It is an easy choice to make when you are getting 30 to 50 emails each day that use graphics to advertise male enhancement's and other high turnover products.

Text as Your Internet Marketing Email System.

On the other hand email marketing using text messages can seem much more personal. They look more like all of the other email that a person usually gets from their friends and family. If you are careful with your choice of words and phrases, they will more easily pass through spam filters.

The delivery rate of text only email marketing messages and newsletters are a lot better than HTML and with a little work on your side in delivering good content, your subscriber will be looking forward to receiving your email message.

The major concern with any email marketing solution is getting your message delivered so that it will have a chance to be opened. With this being the case, text only email and newsletters appear to the best Internet marketing email solution.
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