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Does Your Website Accept Credit Cards? If Not You May Be Flushing Cash Down the Toilet

Mar 2, 2008
Let's face reality. If your online business doesn't accept credit cards, you are in trouble. On the internet, it's tough to convince consumers to send a complete stranger a check or money order.

You're giving up 70% of your sales by not offering customers the option to purchase with a credit card.

And let's not forget the impulsive buyer whose willing to punch in credit card digits, but will not write a check. And the best benefit to you is getting your payment Now, versus days or weeks from now.

At the end of the day, it really is a necessity to have an option on your site for customers to purchase with a credit card.

So how does one accept credit cards via the internet?A credit card processing company will allow you to accept credit cards on your website.

By employing such a company you outsource the headaches of going through banks, gateway's, etc. They handle all of that, and you get the payments. It's a good deal.

With electronic credit card processing there are two different ways in which the company processes credit card charges.

For high volume sites with many transactions throughout the day, there is real time processing. As soon as the transaction is made, the card is processed and the money is sent to you.

This is also a great options for businesses and websites where cash flow is an issue.

If it's critical for you to have cash on hand now to pay business expenses, real time processing is the only way to go.

The other option is batch processing. What happens here is, your credit card processing company processes credit card charges a few times per week, batching all of the charges made since the last charge date together.

For example, if your charges are processed on Monday's and Thursdays,all of the credit card orders made from Thursday to Sunday, will be charged Monday morning. This is a decent solution for smaller operations.

A big benefit to batch processing is the reduction in possible fraud. When cards are charge in real-time, there's a possibility that a stolen card has not been reported yet. A bigger benefit is that batching is usually a cheaper solution.

So you've learned a little about online credit card processing, and why it is some important to your online business or website. I encourage you to find a credit card solution that meets your needs.

Another bonus is that some of the better processing companies also provide total automation solutions for your site, automating ad tracking, email lists, auto-responders, etc.

This frees your time to do more important things, rather than working on the minutiae.

Look into a credit card processing option today (hopefully before you lose another potential sale!)
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Chris is a website owner and internet entrepreneur. He writes about automation solutions for web based businesses. To learn more about a credit card option for your website visit his Blog Here
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