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How To Enhance Your Own Ebook With Resale Ebooks

Mar 2, 2008
There is nothing like having your own product that you have created. Not only does it give you a sense of accomplishment and pride that you were able to create something of value but it gives you total control of your product. No one can tell you what you can or cannot do with it.

You are done with the ebook and now it is time to sell it. The easiest way to quickly get it to market is to sell it on eBay. You list your book, sit back and wait for the price to drive itself up with a host of bidders vying to win your wonderful book. Unfortunately, the only bid you received on your pride and joy is 99 cents. How can that book you slaved over for weeks only be worth 99 cents?

The short answer is it is worth a lot more that 99 cents but, you have to add some things to it to help it to realize it's full potential. There are several strategies to do that but they all require more ebooks. How are you going to get more books, this one took you months to write? The answer to that is to supplement your own unique book with resell rights ebooks.

You can create a real advantage combining your self authored unique ebook with some resell rights ebook bundles. Here is how it would work.

First of all, utilizing your own ebook, you automatically create an advantage for yourself. Because you wrote it yourself, you have a book to sell that no one else has. Because it is unique, because it is not the same dozen ebooks you see in every auction, you have an advantage.

Now add to that advantage a good collection of related books and you have a market plan. You can add resell books directly to the listing itself as bonuses. Once you do that you can justify a higher bid price. The other enhancement is to put together a one time offer with a bundle of resell rights books that your customer will see after he pays for your item.

Now you have added value on the front end with bonuses, or you have added value on the back end with a one time offer. Of course there is nothing stopping you from doing them both together. Then you really ad value.

It is very difficult to make a profit selling one book, even if it is your own unique book. By combining your self created book with ebooks with resell rights, you magnify the price and value of your own ebook. That is how the true value of your own ebook is realized.
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