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Home Internet Business Concepts Which Make You Successful

Mar 2, 2008
It may seem ridiculous, but the truth is that we have first to think in the right way before we can succeed and make money online with our internet home business.

I have collected these concepts, or ways to think, from my own experience as an internet business opportunity marketer during a period of over three years. These ideas may give you an edge, a system to win and to reach your goals.

These thoughts are safe, because they are tested and follow the old left brain thinking but I have turned them into more creative, right brain thinking form. They are truths better told!

1.Think People, Not Market Niches.
The first question that an outsider does about your home internet business opportunity is, what is your market? And the good answer tells that it is men and women, middle age, middle income, living in small towns, normal education and so on.

What this kind of definition tells you? Just nothing! It is a total disinformation. The potential buyers do not make their purchases with middle income, they buy because they feel that they need the product and because they are convinced that your way to serve them is good. They trust you at least some time.

People do all their decisions by feelings. That is the reason why we have to entertain them, encourage them to take the action. If we fail, we will never reach our goals.

It is time to rethink the internet business market, they are people, who wants feeling rich messages, personal approaches and when they see that the entrepreneur sets himself into fire, they will act and buy.

2. Think People, Not Web Site Visitors.
We drive hundreds of daily visitors into our home internet business sites by using clever search engine optimization, PPC, article marketing, blogging, forum writing and so on.

But, do we forget that those people are not customers, they are people who just have landed our web site with their minds open just to find out that the site will offer nothing but the same hype jargon.

Where is the respect, where is the persuasion power, where is the real willingness to communicate and to help? Where are all personal feelings, where is the owner?

It is 100 % error to think that when a human being has landed to your internet business site, you can start a hard selling process. No, No and No! People make their decisions by feelings and feelings require at least five repetitions before they are convinced that they can trust you.

It is crucial to think your visitors as human people which really are full of emotions and need time and soft handling.

3. Think Experiences, Not Features.
It is odd that so many offer features. People just do not buy them. Have you ever bought features? I doubt!

People, who have joined your or my internet home business opportunity have done so, because they are looking for good experiences, positive feelings, which our internet business can bring to them.

What about your web site? Does it offer and explain experience, which your internet business program delivers? If not, you have to finetune the messages right away!
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Step Out From The Box And Start To Think Creatively! To Find Out More Information For Your Own Home Business Visit My Home Internet Business Opportunity Site.
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