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Large Groups And Team Building Activities

Mar 2, 2008
What team building activities are suitable for large groups? Are there any restrictions on numbers that you have to consider and what do you have to remember when you are planning an event for a large group?

Firstly we have to establish what a 'large group' actually is. It actually all depends on the type of activity you are hosting! For example a group of one hundred can potentially be seen as a large group on a creative based event but you have to start thinking in the thousands before you consider it a large group for music based team building activities!

When you are organising team building activities for what you consider a large group don't discard any activity before you speak to the team building company. You may find you are pleasantly surprised, I often speak to clients who are amazed that there is a huge range of activities for their large group of one hundred. For groups of one hundred or more, there are plenty of different kinds of events suitable from school sports days to treasure hunts and there are so many more.

The results that a large group can have are simply astounding. The power of the sound for music team building activities, imagine one thousand people playing the drums, it simply raises the roof.

One restriction on the type of activity you choose for a large group can often be the venue and the space they have. You may find that you are restricted to a theatre style layout because the conference room can't actually accommodate any other style. This does mean that some team building activities are not going to be possible but there is still a wide range that can work and they can have tremendous results for your group.

You may find that you want to host an outdoor group but your venue has either limited outdoor events space or worse still, no grounds at all for you to host them on. Again this doesn't have to be a problem, true you won't be able to host a motorised and shooting team event because you need grounds for this but you could quite easily host a treasure hunt style event. It's time to talk to your event company tell them the size of your group, what venue you would like to host the event at, what kind of team building activities you are interested in and they will be able to advise you on what your options are.

So when you are faced with the task of organising team building actives for a large group firstly don't panic, think about the venue you have and then give the team building company a call. Make sure you carefully tell them the objectives for your event and it's very important to have a reality check and give them a guideline budget to work towards. By talking with a professional and experienced company, your large group could have a phenomenal experience!
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