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Make The Most Of Summer Team Building

Mar 2, 2008
The days start to get longer, the winter chill is getting less and it's time to start thinking about organising your summer team building. Where on earth do you start? Should you have a party or something a little more structured? What do companies normally do for their team in the summer?

The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a standard event. This is why when you call up team building companies and ask for a price they won't be able to give an immediate answer. Costs vary enormously, pretty much like how long is a piece of string! Costs depend on location, number of people, type of summer team building activity and date.

So we've established that there are a lot of different events to consider and there is no set cost to guide you, so where do you start? The first thing to consider is how many people do you want to take part in your summer team building? The amount of people can sometimes determine what types of activities are going to be possible for you.

Then look at your budget, what have you got to spend on your event. Event companies are well aware that the person being set the task of arranging the summer team building, may not be the person who is setting the budget. If you have been instructed to go and get some ideas you certainly don't want to waste your time. Ask a projected budget to work towards. If this does not get an answer, as it sometimes doesn't, ask a direct question such as 'should I be looking at 100 pounds or 150 pounds per person', this should get you some feedback and allow you to research realistic possibilities for you.

Summer team building can mean different things to different people, some may imagine an event in the summer to be cocktails and a BBQ at a nice venue and others may imagine it to be a fun activity such as a school sports day. Whatever it means to you, make sure that you communicate this to the team building company, give them an idea with the type of event you are looking for and then there's every likelihood they can propose this and a whole host of different options for you to consider.

One crucial factor which is always a sticky wicket when organising summer team building and that is of dates. In the summer people tend to have the awful habit of booking a summer holiday and so you could end up with a very low attendance. Pick your date early, pick it carefully and make sure that everyone in your team knows that they will be able to take part in a fantastic event, this way you will maximise attendance.

So when you are originally tasked with investigating your summer team building, it can seem quite daunting but if you consider all of the elements that we have discussed and you pick up the phone and talk with an experienced events company, you should find that it's really quite a breeze!
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