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How Sales Training Will Help You

Mar 2, 2008
How is it that your competitors seem to offer an inferior product or service to you yet they seem to be selling just as much or even more? Well the fact is that we have all come across companies that weight their company on sales.

These companies have more salespeople than people that actually provide the service or make the product that they sell. So how can you compete with these companies? Well the truth is that if you know your product is better than your competitors then you need to make sure the people you sell to know that is the case. This is easy if you have the truth on your side. The second major thing you need to improve is making sure that you value your service or company properly.

If you get the potential client interested, agree in principle to a sale and then buckle under their aggressive negotiation then you will devalue your service or product and you will lose out on money. In this case making sure that you and your sales team know how to negotiate is vital. 'Of course it is' I hear you say. Well it may be obvious but very few companies invest the time and money to train their sales staff to negotiate and close a deal properly.

So what kind of negotiation techniques are taught through sales training and can they be taught to anyone?

Sales are more effective if the sales person plans and prepares their sales. This might sound straightforward common sense but there are many salesmen that don't really have a strategy. Sales training theories give your team a solid base to build success, setting negotiation strategies, considering objectives, examining power bases, planning to address the balance of power, planning for a stalemate, identifying tradables and levels of concession, setting negotiation limits, selecting an appropriate environment. Sales training theories can be taught to anyone and although they appear simple the benefits of keeping them in mind are insurmountable.

Sales training can also address the important issues of communications and behaviour. Sales training will help your team understand the different behaviours and their impact on negotiations, help you adopt an assertive approach, give the team the principles of transactional analysis and giving information to aid the negotiation process, help you present persuasive arguments and develop and understanding of the role of reflective listening.

The negotiation is the most important part of the process techniques that make the negotiation process more effective can be taught to anyone. Opening the negotiation can be improved with a few simple pointers as can working hard to regain power. Handling different behaviours and recognising them can help your negotiation as can identifying the factors that influence a sale and understanding how to emphasise these points. Securing an agreement is the most vital aspect. Summarising and concluding the negotiation well will ultimately make you a large amount of money and the most important aspect of all is maintaining a positive mindset.

The final important part of the negotiation process is maintaining the relationship with all of the stakeholders involved in the deal. To achieve this one must recognise the roles of the stakeholder; develop a relationship strategy for key stakeholders. To achieve the most from this the sales people must manage the information from all of the different stakeholders effectively. Sales training applies to everyone involved in making a sale and good practice in this area of your business will reap massive financial benefits.
About the Author
Shaun Parker is a recognised business consultant. He really values the use of Sales training as a method of improving your sales.
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