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How To Look For Part-time Jobs

Mar 2, 2008
Looking for part-time jobs is becoming a national pasttime. With the rising cost of living, full-time wage earners are looking elsewhere to earn extra dough to pay the bills. Here's how to find the jobs that will fit into your schedule and your expertise.

Can't Pay the Bills?

Even with a two-income family, finances can be tough, especially with little children. Professionals with college degrees are no longer averse to looking for part-time jobs to pay the bills. There's the mortgage hanging over your head, credit card bills that are long overdue, and food to put on the table everyday.

A part-time job is the only way out of the pickle, especially if you've got no money to put up a little business. For an extra $500 a month, you can work 8 hours a week, depending on the type of job you have found. Sometimes those jobs on the side can give you more money if you work extra hours.

Job Search

Landing a part time job may take awhile. For online searches, try CareerBuilders.com or MonsterJobs.com. You can narrow down the search to location and type of part-time job. The available jobs are from various industries like hospitality, pharmaceutical and medical, construction, maintenance, insurance, research, retail, science, and accounting. A job search in the neighborhood can begin with a casual conversation with your local grocery store or pharmacy. Or, if you find a help wanted sign in a bar, restaurant, or bakery, check if you are fit for the job.

The newspaper is another good source for 'help wanted' ads. Don't give up hope scanning the classifieds daily. There is always bound to be something that will catch your interest.

The grapevine or the network is always a reliable and faster route to find part-time jobs. Talk to friends about your job search. There is always someone who knows someone who needs an extra pair of hands for a shop. Always make sure your business card holder is filled with extra business cards just in case.

Always apply in person if you find a help wanted sign. Dress appropriately for the interview and be ready with your resume and cover letter. It pays to have a little background information on the business establishment that is hiring. This will help you ace the job interview. However, not all jobs will require a resume, but the employers will always do a quick background check on all job applicants.

Extra Jobs and Family

You should discuss the implications of working more hours away from home with your partner. You can always talk things over your partner to balance the household chores and bank account. If the extra compensation can pay the bills and a babysitter, that would be ideal.

The children should be prepped for a change in daily routine. You will have to adjust to the changes too, and as a couple, you'll take on additional responsibilities to make the home atmosphere as normal as you can. For the sake of the children, couples should work in shifts. One can get weekend jobs, while the significant other can take on a weekday job.

Looking for part-time jobs should not be a daunting task. When extra money is needed, you have to be persistent when looking for that additional source of income. Nowadays, people have to work double time to live decently.
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