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What Type Of Whiner Are You?

Mar 2, 2008
Whining in the workplace will never earn you the Employee of the Month certificate. Everybody hates to be around a whiner when there's so much to do and there's a long string of deadlines to meet. Unknown to you, you've had your days of whines and losses. Better smarten up before you're given the pink slip.

What Type of Whiner are You?

You hate whiners. They get on your nerves, especially the one next to your cubicle. The fellow has a long list of diatribes and you are the nearest expedient ear around. You have no choice but to smile politely and clamp on the headphones to drown out the litany of complaints your neighbor is spewing.

There are several types of whiners in the workplace, and they don't see themselves as whiners. There are the traditionalists, stoics, hotheads, and the weasels. They move in a galaxy of their own, downtrodden victims who are not seeking redress, but wallowing in self-pity and indignation - and loving every minute of it.

The traditional whiners are predictable. They complain to everybody willing to listen. They usually trek to the water cooler where a pool of congenital whiners usually hold their powwows.

The stoics or the silent whiners go around like zombies. At the workplace, they appear to be strong, but they don't bother to smile or answer questions graciously. The men will pretend to pluck out a pocket watch from their vests to check the time, while the women will wave you away - "I'm busy, are you blind?"

The hotheads glower, snarl, and, to some extent, call people names, especially the one who parked a heap of documents on his desk. The scowl never leaves his or face. Don't go near this type of whiner because you'll get a tongue-lashing if you so much as say a word.

The weasel is smart. She or he will not harangue or pester anyone. He or she will find a way to unload the work to somebody else, perhaps to the nearest stoic. The symbiotic relationship goes on and on until something has to give.

Instead of gaining the sympathy they are looking for, whiners get the cold-shoulder treatment or the pink slip. So what type of whiner are you?

Why Do Whiners Whine?

Aggrieved parties have legitimate reasons for feeling taken advantage of. True, some supervisors dump quite a sackload of work without weighing the time constraints and the existing workload of his or her staff. Generally, whiners who have established their reputation are people who are unhappy and insecure, but surprisingly, they are competent workers.

No matter how hard they work, however, they will never be noticed for their performance. People will always remember the negative attitudes they have. That's why whiners should not expect that they could get a sought-after promotion anytime.

Whiners feel powerless and don't take responsibility for any mishaps. They are not to blame for anything. A professional approach could solve problems. Instead of whining, they should discuss the issues and prioritize work according to urgency.

If you are a whiner, start rehabilitating yourself by organizing your work and your personal life. Get to the bottom of the problem and be honest about the whole thing. It may take awhile before you turn over a new leaf. But when you're done with your whining days, you won't be shown the door. Instead, you'll find opportunities for a raise, or maybe even a promotion.
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