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Create A Separate Identity On The Internet And Prosper Like Never Before!

Mar 2, 2008
With over a billion people accessing the Internet from all over the world, over 25 million domain names already registered and thousands of new ones being registered daily - it is no wonder that many people are finding out that their actual names are no longer available as domains on the Internet. Even relatively obscure (or so you would think!) names are already taken up - sometimes on all domain extensions (e.g. .com, .net, .info etc.).

But why would people want to register their own names as domains in the first place? Well, there a huge number of advantages to doing this, as a great number of people who were lucky enough to get an unaltered online version of their names have found out.

- A blog at their own domain can greatly increase business and social opportunities for them

- They impress friends, family, and even future employers with personalized e-mail addresses

- They discover useful and effective ways to earn spare income from the Internet

- They give advice and information in their chosen field or career and slowly build up a certain level of prominence in the online world

The above are just a few of the benefits that people who have secured their eponymous domains have reaped. But even with a small subsection of the advantages, you can already see why so many people have jumped on the self-titled domain bandwagon. It really is fulfilling on all financial, social and personal levels.

But getting back to the unfortunate ones who didn't secure their names in time - there is still hope for them. Even if you cannot get a domain that is your own name, you can still reap the very same benefits as the others who have - by using a name other than your own!

In fact, using a pseudonym can actually give you a few extra benefits that those who use their actual names may not enjoy. You can do the following, quite easily:

1. Start A Blog Unrelated To Your Career/Job
Using your real name may perhaps 'force' you to start a blog that is related to your work, career or area of expertise, as people may have a preconceived notion of what you are good at or knowledgeable about. But if your domain name uses a pseudonym unrelated to your actual name, suddenly your options for what you can do with your domain are endless.

For example, you may be an accountant by profession (and be well known and respected in your field), but you also have a great passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles (hey, it's possible!). In order to create an outlet for your intense fervor for the two-wheelers, you can start up a blog under an assumed name or pseudonym, so that people won't confuse Bob the Accountant with "Crazy Axel" the rider.

Thus, you can maintain your professional appearance and not dilute the strength in your specialized field, and yet have a blog that extols your passion for super bikes. Isn't that simple to do?

2. Start Over With A New Name
For whatever reason, you may not have gotten off to a very good start in your particular field or profession using your actual name. Well, we all crave a fresh start at some point in our lives, and using an online pseudonym may very well be your chance to do so.

You can use all the experience you gained before and by remembering not to make the same mistakes again, you can help to ensure that you get things right the second time around. And perhaps, by not using your actual name, you reduce the pressure on yourself to succeed, which may inadvertently lead to your success!

3. Show A Different Side Of You
We all have different aspects to our personality, sometimes keeping various characteristics of ourselves hidden from the world to maintain a professional outlook or for other personal reasons. Having a blog using an unrelated pseudonym can give you the chance to 'be yourself' in an arena where no one knows who you are.

For example, you could be an investment banker with a great affinity for online games. Now, you may not want to blog about online games on the same blog or website where you give your readers invaluable investment tips, so a good way to get around this is to have a blog (under a different name) dedicated to your other passion.

Although many individuals may see it as 'ideal' to get domain names that are their own actual name, those who see the cup as being half-full will realize that there are a great many advantages to having a blog set up with a pseudonym.

So if your desire to secure your own personalized domain was dampened by the fact that it has already been taken, it's time to take action. Your friends and neighbours will never ever know who your alter ego may be unless you choose to tell them, of course!
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Sen Ze and his 1-of-a-kind sites at http://www.SenZe.com (where else?) and http://www.SOLOBIS.com help you make money online in ways you've never known. Use this Personal Domain Name Checker to see if a dotcom version of your name is still available for this purpose!
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