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Generate More Bookings with Ease in Your Direct Sales Business

Mar 2, 2008
If you want to generate more bookings in your direct sales business, and you want to generate those bookings with ease, you need to look at reasons why your prospects would want to book a home party with you in the first place. Most direct sales consultants think that the reason their prospects book a home show is to get free product, and that's why they almost always lead with getting free product as the reason to book a home party.

What if you could improve your results by digging deeper and finding an even more compelling reason to book a home show, would you want to do that? If so, pay close attention to the marketing lesson within the following story of how I developed a large group of people to want something I offer.

There's really only one reason people read my weekly ezine. Some would say that they read it because they learn so much from it. Others would say they read it because they think I'm such a good writer. But those are not the real reasons why they read it. There's truly only one reason they read it at all.

The real reason my subscribers read my weekly ezine is that I present them with an offer they can't refuse while signing up for my it. Here's my offer: "Learn 3 simple secrets to building an empire in your direct sales business by giving me your first name and email address." You see, the real reason my subscribers read my weekly ezine is that I begin by generating their interest with an offer of something they actually want. So what does all this have to do with you and achieving success in your direct sales business? Keep reading because you're going to start seeing some similarities.

A major point I want you to understand is that no one reads my ezine because I say, "Hey, wanna get a free ezine targeted to the direct sales industry from me every week?" It's true that I could have asked that of each of my subscribers, and maybe a few would have said, "Yes." But the majority probably would have said, "No thanks."

Likewise, you can jump-start your direct sales business once you pick up the phone and simply ask a few casual acquaintances if they would consider hosting a home party demonstration to get some free products. However, asking someone to host a home party demonstration for that reason would be similar to me asking you if you wanted to get a free weekly ezine. However, even that activity can generate bookings in your calendar, therefore, another major point is: Activity overrules inactivity any day of the week.

But the secret to generating new bookings with ease is identifying something that your prospects would love to have and then presenting those prospects with an irresistible offer. You have to get inside your customers' shoes and really ask yourself, "What do my customers actually want?" If you think the answer to that question is "free products," you haven't thought much about your prospects.

Let's look at my offer. When I thought about my prospects I knew that I could offer them a free weekly ezine filled with direct sales tips and direct sales strategies. But I had to ask myself, "Do my prospects actually want that?" In order to discover the answer to that I simply pictured my prospects going to bed at night and not being able to fall asleep. What was keeping them awake? Well, certainly not this thought, "Oh, if only I could get a free ezine targeted to direct sales! Then every thing would be all right." HA! FAT CHANCE!

I knew that if anything in their business were keeping them awake at night it would have something to do with difficulty, how this business isn't as easy as they thought it would be. Then I thought about things that could really help make this business easier. And ultimately I narrowed those things down to three things. Still another major point is that I didn't just say "3 Things to...," I said, "3 Simple Things..." You see, I know that my ideal prospects want and need simplicity in their business because their lives are already busy and complicated enough as it is.

The other thing I considered was that the bigger my prospects build their business, they not only earn more money, they experience leverage. By the way, "leverage" is another word for "opportunity" in project/risk management. By telling my prospects that I had 3 simple secrets to building an empire in their direct sales business, I capitalized on several of their desires - simplicity and leverage of time and money.

Hey, I can actually picture my prospects going to bed at night wishing they knew an easier way to make money and wishing there were a few more hours in the day! Do you ever go to bed with either of those thoughts?

What I've just shown you is the secret to generating new bookings with the people and strangers you meet every day. Offer a solution to one or more of their challenges. Stop offering free products (for example: a free facial) and start offering something they want (for example: taking 3-5 years off their face). You need to think about the problem to which your products are the solution. Yes... this just might require some deeper thinking on your part. Final major point: if you skip this, you'll be veering off the critical path to building a truly successful direct sales business.
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Tammy Stanley directs The Sales Refinery, a sales training firm that assists direct sales consultants generate more business through powerful marketing, selling, and leadership strategies.

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