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pay per click for beginners

Mar 2, 2008
A lot of affiliate marketers will use Pay Per Click (PPC) network to advertise. In fact, experiences show that this is one of the most effective ways to promote the affiliate sites. However, the fact is that every Pay Per Click engine is really effective. The worst case is that you have spent a lot of money and get lots of traffic to your website but you do not make any sales at all.

To this end it will be better to stick to some famous networks. This can ensure that the traffic you get is quality traffic. Of course it will all help to make sure that they are highly target traffic. It will be advisable to stick to programs such as the Google Adwords.

As you may know, the Google Adwords advertisements will be placed in the search engine result pages and also other sites under the Google Adsense network. You should know the former very well. You can see the adv when you enter a keyword and perform a search in Google. For the later, your adv will only appear in websites which are related to the keyword of your adv. You can also choose to put your adv only in search result pages if you want.

It is not difficult to apply for a Google Adwords account and it is also very easy to start a new campaign. As a result this will not be gone through in this article. What is more important is how you monitor and tweak your campaign.

To make your PPC campaign more effective, there is no doubt that you need to monitor your campaigns and tweak them accordingly if necessary. In order to make your campaign also cost effective, you can join some affiliate programs with high paying. By doing this you will be able to offset the cost of the advertising campaign. If possible, you should try to think of as many keywords as possible and use them in your PPC campaign.

There are quite a number of mistakes marketers will make when using PPC network. You must avoid them otherwise you will not be able to make money. The first thing is that you should not use the mirror sites. You should create your own website or landing page instead. Furthermore, you should try to get the first few places when bidding for a certain keyword. Going for the minimum big will not help.

Of course you may need to do some keyword research before you get into the PPC campaigns. You can treat the keyword tools in Google Adwords as your main keyword tool. You may also use some other advanced tools such as WordTracker and Wordze, if you have the budget.

If you can use launch some effective campaigns, you can really make money out of your affiliate site or landing page. However, it may take you some time before you can launch an effective campaign. As a result, you should be prepared that you will need to spend some money before you can make money.
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