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Management Development - What Is It?

Mar 2, 2008
Many people believe that management and leadership are two interchangeable entities, however they are not. Managers need development in both areas to be highly effective, but the two subjects cover very different aspects of a manager's role. Management and leadership are defined as:

o Management: Is the act of directing a group of people for the purpose of coordinating and harmonizing the group towards accomplishing a goal beyond the scope of individual effort

o Leadership: The ability to lead, including inspiring others in a shared vision, towards the achievement of organisational goals

As the two definitions show, both management and leadership activities are important aspects of a manager's role. In today's business culture if employees are lacking the skills needed there are many options available for development.

Development within organisations has grown enormously over the past decade, with management and leadership being two of the key areas. The main reason for the increase in demand has been the growing trend to promote from within; this leads to better staff retention and engagement as well as lowering recruitment costs.

Management, as with all development areas, was initially quite a narrow subject, which led to important issues being left unaddressed. The range of management courses that are now available across the learning and development market is easily into the thousands.

This is great news, so whether a performance management programme is required or there is a need for discipline and grievance training, there are options available and accessible for any organisation.

A popular and growing option for management development is to use bespoke courses specifically built around the organisation's needs. At first, the prospect of finding or designing a course can be quite daunting, however learning and development specialists like Righttrack Consultancy are here to help the selection process.

It is common knowledge that management development is incredibly important. Righttrack Consultancy, who have over 20 years' experience in the learning industry, believe the top 5 main benefits that management development brings an organisation are:

o Higher levels of motivation
o Increased team spirit
o Increased levels of understanding of the organisation's goals and vision
o Lower staff turnover and absence levels
o A change in organisational culture

Management development, if done properly, can bring great changes and rewards for both the trained employees and the organisation. Having said this many organisations do not fully utilise learning and development specialists, like Righttrack, as they have already decided what would be the best cause of action.

This is a huge waste and results in some organisations, cutting their nose off to spite their face, as they feel they know best. So next time a management development opportunity crops up, why not ask a specialist what they suggest without any preconceptions? After all this is what they do day in, day out.
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Shaun Parker knows the value of well developed management. He urges you make the most of management development. To find out more on Management Development please visit http://www.righttrackconsultancy.co.uk
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