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Growing Your Online Home Business - Real Traffic and Managing Online Revenue Streams

Mar 2, 2008
Once you have established your online home business, you must focus on traffic. Without traffic, online revenue will never come. DO NOT believe in the "artificial" traffic generation techniques you see on the internet, because it is simply not a long term strategy. There are hundreds of websites promising to bring you millions of "hits" or visitors to your website. Be Careful!

If you think this will impress the search engines, it won't. The major search engines have become extremely good a identifying the difference between real traffic and artificially stimulated traffic.

Are these people lying? No, most of them have some very ingenious methods that will generate hits on your website, but what kinds of traffic? Are these the visitors you really need to grow your business? Is this targeted traffic consisting of people looking for your product, or is it traffic generated by people just trying to generate clicks for their own websites?

The best long term strategy for generating traffic is by building content that people want and need. Remember, you are here and reading this now because you wanted information to help you grow your business, and you probably did a search that brought you here. What keeps visitors is by providing information that has value to those visitors. If building content is something you need to work on, concentrate your searches on ideas for writing high quality website content.

Once you have built the type of web presence that offers good quality content, then its time to focus on traffic generation. There are several ways to this the right way. Focus your attention on these methods:

* Building MORE Quality Content
* Keyword Research
* Search Engine Submission
* Quality Link Building

Once you have your online presence, and you're generating traffic, you need to think about ways to grow your online revenue. How much traffic do you need? There are many opinions here, but we believe when you start seeing more that 50-100 hits a day on your site, you are ready to being growing your online revenue sources. Until then, keep writing good quality content!

The best place to start growing your online revenue is by looking at 5 proven online revenue models, and then deciding how you can blend these into your business.

* Lead Generation
* Affiliate Programs
* Product Sales
* Membership Sales
* Advertising and Pay-Per-Click
* Network Marketing

Once you have your traffic growing, and have implemented your online revenue programs, the best advice is to give them time and let them work. If you're constantly changing things and "tweaking" you will never really have the opportunity to see if what you had done previously was successful. Patience is a virtue, sometimes even in the online world.
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