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What Can I Put In A Corporate Gift Basket?

Mar 2, 2008
The gift basket is an innovative gift idea for all occasions. There are several websites and even gift shops that have popularized this trend. The gift baskets are certainly sleeker and look more urbane, compared to the usual gifts.

Apart from occasions like wedding, birthdays, house warming, now gift baskets have also found their place in business offices and the corporate world. Exchange of gifts have become an eternal part, both of formal and informal occasions. Times like official get-together's, an assessment meet or the boss' party; you can design creative gift baskets to suit all such occasions. Gift baskets in a corporate scenario are a great way to express gratitude, appreciation and even sympathies.

Though there isn't any particular norm to go by, for dos' and don'ts for the contents of the gift basket, one has to be considerate enough about the items you choose and how you wrap the assortment. This becomes more important when the occasion is formal and it's a corporate gift.

What items can go into a corporate gift basket? Corporate or a personal gift, the items in the assortment have to be picked again depending on the event and definitely must suit the occasion. All in all you can consider putting the following list of items in different amounts and combinations depending on the type and the importance of occasion.

Selecting gift for colleagues is most certainly more tricky than picking up gifts for people who are close to you, probably your friends and family. A certain set of guidelines, the work culture, policies and decorum has to be taken into consideration while you select your gift. By all means the stakes at the workplace are higher and the factors that would go into deciding an appropriate gift would vary from place to place.

It would be safer and wiser to take time to find out about the guidelines and policies set by the Human resource/Personnel department about the exchange of gifts at work place. It's better to find out if at all there are limitations regarding the monetary value of the gift, the occasions on which the gifts can be given and accepted etc. Maybe not all businesses or the corporate offices have clearly laid down rules or policies but there are certain general guidelines that are as good as common sense.

The objective of giving a gift at work, is to be able to engender goodwill at work, to comply with the formalities and to foster relationships with your colleague or your boss. Though the items that are to be gifted should be ideally exclusive and distinguishing, use caution not to create blunders like giving items of a personal nature to a female colleague or gifting a wine/champagne bottle to a colleague who has been in rehab to beat the addiction.

To ensure your gifts are professional, just go for gift baskets, the safest and smartest option. If you think you don't know a person enough to be able to decide what theme you should pick for the gift basket, then opt for generic baskets. A typical generic gift basket would mostly contain edible goodies such as candies, crackers, nuts and chocolates. Fresh fruits baskets with seasonal fruits, a basket with assorted cookies or the dried fruits and nuts would also serve as an alternative to the gourmet gift basket.

In any scenario, take an extra effort and time to employ professional help here. You can always do your own gift basket but when the recipient of the gift is your boss, an important colleague or a potential client, it's wiser to let the experts use their talent of making people happy.
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