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The Enticing World Of Display Stands

Mar 2, 2008
The advertising, marketing and business world in general are extremely fierce and stressful. Many exhibitions spend out on equipment, advertisement posters, and fill their display stands to the brim with leaflets, products and freebies.

Banners stands are amongst the most popular of all for use in trade show displays. These are usually pricey to design but are most effective for attracting potential clients - however, because they are popular, the competition becomes stiff and hence the race is on.

Business display stands are very specific to the theme of what they are advertising or marketing - most advertising strategies are based on subliminal messaging and/or psychology thus enticing people into approaching their business. The attraction comes from the logo which should stand out, and (if applicable) a slogan that is short and punchy enough for people to remember.

However, normal entertainment marketing displays use a different technique. The more conservative business world tend to gear towards keeping within the business world (again dependant on what kind of business this is), however, many people are familiar with posters advertising a film, event, new book, product, service etc. And will know that this type of advertising and marketing campaign bases its success/result on the visual.

Film releases are usually introduced through various methods, but to begin with they are advertises through posters and large public display stands (especially if it is a massive blockbuster potential). It then soon follows with hype promotions and trailers. Yet the displays prior to the hype is what holds the public attention - why is this? Because people are more likely to remember an image and associate that with the title. A striking picture is more likely to entice people into watching the movie, or possibly research the title.

Unfortunately, these displays are usually open to graffiti, destruction and vandalism. This is just down to luck, yet this surprisingly brings the attention of the public, as most often than none people are drawn to the image somehow no matter how badly the poster has been defaced (usually to work out what was being displayed).

Display stands are also a great way for smaller businesses to sell their products. Some shopping centres/malls have smaller stalls and stands that sell jewellery, bags, electrical goods, flowers/plants, clothing or even food. These are a great way of getting the brand name out and are a great way for the owners to interact with their customers. Having the stands organised in a way that makes the products stand out attracts customer's attentions and alleviates the difficulties in striking up a conversation.

However, some displays may advertise things that have nothing to do with the image. Again, this is cleverly using psychology to attract attention, no matter how irrelevant it is to the subject matter. This further proves the competitive nature of the business world and their race to make it to the top.

Each display is almost like a lifeline for launching new products and bringing in more clients. Hence the world of displays, no matter how frustrating they can be (especially if you see them at every corner of the street) are only going to improve and change in diverse and original ways.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on display stands and is often observing how some businesses use different marketing or advertising methods. For more information on exhibition and display equipments visit http://www.displays-online.com/
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