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Customizing a Template Based Online Storefront

Mar 2, 2008
New online businesses are opening every single day so it can be difficult to figure out how to make your own online storefront stand out from the crowd. Most people want to set up their website as quickly as possible in order to start selling their products. As a result, they use a template as the basis of their design. This makes setting up the website easy but it can also make it look too similar to all of the other sites out there. To improve upon a template-based website, a good online business will use simple tools to customize the design of the site.

The easiest way to differentiate a new online storefront from the others that are available is to design an eye-catching logo and add it to the site. Businesses that aren't skilled at art and logo design should invest the money to hire a graphic designer to complete this work for them. A good logo will have a striking image, the name of the company and maybe even a short slogan, which says what the business is all about. Placed on the website, this can immediately attract buyers who stumble upon the site.

After a logo has been chosen, it is important to use the colors of the logo to make decisions about the primary colors of the website. This is one of the easiest things to change on a template-based website because color changes are generally built into the design of the template. Choose colors that are eye-catching and yet welcoming. Select a color scheme that is going to enhance your logo rather than take attention away from it. And make sure that everything is easy to read on the site once the colors have been changed.

Once you've made these basic changes, you should work on inserting images and video into the site. You don't want to overwhelm the site with too much material but you do want to have enough stuff on there that people will want to stay on the site for awhile. Video is great because it's a popular, attention-getting feature of good websites and yet it's not something that most online businesses are incorporating into their templates.

Finally a good online business will clearly tell visitors how this site is different from the competition. Modify the template of your online storefront to add text, which highlights the key reasons that your site should be the one that people do their shopping on. By making it easy for customers to see what is different about this site, you convince them in a matter of moments that they like what they see. This actually allows you to reduce the amount of customization that you do on the site because the seed is already planted in the mind of the customer that this site differs from the rest.

Some businesses find that they have a hard time making these changes themselves. Altering the color scheme seems simple, for example, but actually making decisions about which colors are right and wrong can be difficult and time-consuming. There are several solutions to this problem. One is to take a trial-and-error approach, asking for feedback from friends and associates. Another is to hire a designer to modify the online storefront template for your business. And finally, there is the option of working with the tools and resources provided by the company, which provided the templates. Any of these options might be the right solution for a business seeking to make modifications to an online storefront without investing a significant amount of money or time.
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