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It Is Easy To Design Your Own Shirt Online

Mar 2, 2008
With the advent of computers and the Internet, many things that were not possible years ago have become extremely easy. To consider an example, years ago you could design a shirt only if you were a tailor or a dressmaker. The maximum input that you could provide was verbal and then you would have to leave the rest to the craftsperson and pray that the results are up to your satisfaction.

Today, with this amazing gizmo called the computer; you can not only design your new shirt but also give a lift to an existing one. You can actually create various kinds of computer generated images and mix and match them to create the design of your dreams. You could choose to print any text or image that you may want. After the design has been created and finalized by you, all you need to do is to transfer the image onto the shirt by following a few easy steps.

The one thing that you do need to purchase is a good iron on applique kit. The choice of this item can actually dictate what results your efforts shall have since the actual transfer is done using this kit. Choose one that is recommended by the employee of a reputable craft store. Do not feel that the employees recommendation shall only be one that will be of a higher price and ignore it. Because if you do ignore it and buy another cheaper one or buy one at a discount store, chance are that you may be extremely let down later.

Cheaper versions of this kit, though available, are not good enough to be used on your creation. You may find that the iron is not good enough to be able to transfer the image precisely on to you shirt and you may end up with a blob of color that looks nothing like what you initially created. Other irons may transfer the object properly but the heat settings may not be perfect. This will cause your design to come peeling off from the sides almost as soon as it is printed or after the first wash. Some will cause the images to crack and look bad once the image has been transferred.

If you feel that you would rather not take a chance with your creation and be sure of what you get in the end, be sure to not to scrimp on the iron applique kit. If you find the idea of searching for the right kit too demanding, an alternative is a site like the Cafe Press. These sites let you create a design and submit it. You choose the shirt material and all the details and the site does all the printing. You are guaranteed a professional quality shirt with your own customized design on it in a few days at your doorstep.
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