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Home Based Business Leadership - Managing Yourself and Your Success

Mar 2, 2008
Home based jobs are really no different than any other job when is comes to managing. When you "manage" anything, it really comes down to three critical items:

1.) Setting direction, goals and objectives
2.) Finding and applying the necessary resources to the task
3.) Getting results

In your current career, you probably understand Leadership as it applies to your job. What may not be so obvious is how this also applies to managing home based jobs.

You must be able to set clear goals and objectives for yourself, and for your daily, weekly and monthly tasks. You must find the right resources to help yourself "do the job." And you must monitor your own progress, make corrections as necessary and get results.

Let's start by setting clear goals and objectives.

* Do you have a business plan?

* Have you created and prioritized the action items you must complete in order to reach your goals?

* Do you have a daily and weekly agenda for your action items?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it's time to stop and complete a written plan for these items. It's all about planning your work, and then working your plan.

Don't forget that any job, including work at home jobs must be balanced with your life. Because it's your own business, many people forget this important point. Don't!

You must balance your home business tasks with your life, and give yourself time to relax, reflect and spend time doing things for yourself and your family. When you get back to the job, you will be much more productive and efficient. Lack of balance will lead to stress and burn-out, just like it will in a job working for someone else.

Next, you need to find resources to help you accomplish the required tasks for your business. In home based jobs, it is critical to look for resources that you can use to "outsource" many routine functions. Unless you start your home business by hiring employees, your own time is your most valuable and limited resource.

Find ways to outsource as many tasks as possible. Make sure your resource provider also offers you the ability to monitor progress and results of those tasks.

Finally, you must monitor your progress against your goals and objectives. Hold yourself accountable to the deadlines you have set, that's what your daily and weekly planner is for. Start each day by using your agenda to review the days and week's action items ahead and adjusting your schedule to make sure all critical items are completed.

As your business grows, and you accomplish your short term goals, you must also keep setting new goals and objectives and continue the process. Remember, no business plan is ever finished.

Home based jobs are like any business, you must continuously refine and re-set your business goals and objectives for the future. This is a process, and you need to build your habits and your actions into this process.
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