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Why Are People Unsubscribing From My List?

Aug 17, 2007
This is a question many online marketers who own their own list, particularly those relatively inexperienced marketers, ask themselves on a regular basis. No-one wants to see people unsubscribing from their list. It essentially amounts to someone telling you that your products are rubbish, your messages are rubbish, you're offers are rubbish, hell you're just rubbish! Each unsubscribe request is like a stab in the heart. Right...?

Wrong. This is completely the wrong mindset to have.

Firstly, people unsubscribe from marketers' lists for any number of reasons. They may only have signed up to receive your free bonuses, they may find that they're simply not interested in the products or content you're offering them, or it may just be a case of them cutting down on the number of newsletters and emails that they are receiving in their inbox every day.

That's perfectly normal and is not a bad thing at all if these people unsubscribe. If they are freebie seekers, or have no interest in the products that you are promoting, then there's no point having them on your list in the first place. You only want quality prospects on your list, people who want to learn from you, or look forward to receiving emails from you. It's these people you want on your list because they are a lot more receptive to your offers.

Even the greatest online marketers have a small percentage of unsubscribe requests on a daily basis. It's a perfectly normal occurance. Just think of it as an exercise in improving the quality of your list. What would you rather have, a list of 1000 keen subscribers who love receiving offers from you and regularly buy your products or recommendations, or 100,000 freebie seekers who have absolutely no interest in your offers and are unlikely to ever buy anything from you?

In saying that though, if your unsubscibe rate becomes too high, say 5-10%, or even higher, then you may have to sit down and analyze your email marketing strategy. In this instance you may find you are losing a percentage of quality subscribers who were originally interested in receiving offers from you, but you've gone about it all wrong in your emails to them.

For example, a common way of losing potentially good quality, receptive subscribers is by bombarding them with lots of product offers only, and not offering any real content. People will soon realise this and see that they're essentially just another customer, and you're only interested in selling them something. You have to give something back to your subscribers. Educate them, offer free and useful content occasionally, personally answer any emails you receive, and just build relationships. This is the key to building a good quality, receptive list.

To conclude then, just keep building your list, and don't let the small number of unsubscribe requests you receive get you down. This is a normal occurance. Just concentrate on offering a quality newsletter, which although may contain some product offers or recommendations, also includes good informative content as well. If you do this then you know that the small number of subscribers that do choose to unsubscribe from your newsletter probably were not interested in what you had to offer in the first place, and therefore unlikely to ever buy anything from you.
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