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Corporate Event Planning: Making Employees Feel Special in Baltimore, Maryland

Mar 2, 2008
Finding a destination management company (DMC) in Baltimore is easy. Finding a destination management company that has both the knowledge and extensive experience required to make your event special isn't quite so easy, unless you know what to look for:

- How well does the DMC know Baltimore and the Maryland area?
- How many and what kind of clients has the DMC done special events for?
- How much experience does the DMC have?
- What are the attitudes of past clients?

Let's touch on each of these items in more detail...

How Well Does the DMC Know the Baltimore and Maryland Area?

Obviously you'll want to go with a DMC that lives in and knows Baltimore and Maryland very well. Using an event planning company that doesn't know the area very well could result in your special event being less special than it could be.

How Many and What Kind of Clients has the DMC Done Special Events For?

Who has the destination management company planned and executed special events for in the past? This will tell you who trusts the particular DMC to handle their special events. It will also tell you who the company has experience doing corporate event work for. The bigger and better known the client list, the better the DMC is likely to be as a result of the experience gained from working with these clients.

How Much Experience Does the DMC Have?

Planning truly special events in the Baltimore and Annapolis areas in Maryland requires more than just an intimate knowledge of the area. Experience comes in to play quite heavily. Knowing where to hold a special event is one thing, but having the experience of planning and executing a special event at that location is what will make the difference between a barely memorable event and one that will have your people talking for months afterward.

The more settled a DMC is within their area, the more contacts they will have built up, and the smoother your special event is likely to go.

What are the Attitudes of Past Clients?

Perhaps the most telling, and most important, indicator of how your special event will turn out is how they've turned out for past clients of the DMC. Ask the special events planning company for a list of past clients. If they are not able to provide that, check for testimonials on their website.

Simply reading a testimonial is not always helpful. If possible, contact the person who gave the testimonial and ask them directly what their experience was. Most people, if pleased with the service they received, will be more than happy to discuss their experience with you (and if their experience was bad, they'll probably be even more anxious to speak with you).
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GEP Baltimore (http://www.gepbaltimore.com) is a destination management company in Baltimore that specializes in planning and executing corporate special events in Baltimore, Annapolis and surrounding areas. Their client list includes some of the largest and most well known corporations in America.
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