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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Top Network Marketer?

Mar 2, 2008
You love the idea of a network marketing business and have a burning desire to become successful. In the past you have joined some programs, but only to be disappointed with poor results and dismal failure.

As each day go by you wonder to yourself, "Do I really have what it takes to be a top network marketer?"

You keep searching and praying that you will finally find the perfect multi-level marketing opportunity that will catapult you into the space occupied by top network marketers who make millions online with crazy downlines that grow by the hundreds each day.

Before you call it quits you need to really understand what it takes that these top network marketers have and you don't. It's not that they are any smarter or luckier then you.

You have to really understand why you are not making any money in this business and change any attitudes or beliefs that you may have before you start to see any success.

Many of these MLM superstars started out with nothing just like you and failed many times before they learned what they were doing wrong. You have to learn to undo bad habits and change your behavior before you move on.

It is very likely that every time a new opportunity comes around, you usually wind up repeating the same mistakes again and again.

Setting Realistic Expectations

When you first join a company, you have to be realistic about your earnings and how long it will take you to start seeing any significant money. Just because a company has a great compensation plan with spillover does not mean it is going to build on its own without your effort.

If you are really serious about testing out an opportunity to see if it is going to work, you have to give it at least six months before you make the decision to quit and move on. There is no way that in two weeks or a month you are going to be retired and building income on autopilot.

Some people are able to start seeing money come in quickly, but that is because they already have a large database of subscribers already that know and trust them and will move around with them.

If you are just starting out and have no list, it is going to take a little work before you start seeing any results and team growth.

You have to work on marketing yourself first and not the company. Build a list for yourself and not the company and you will be rewarded in the future. After you build a large mailing list you will be able to join other companies and get people to sign under you right away as long as you have provided them lots of value through the years.

Dealing With Setbacks

Sometimes people get discouraged because they work really hard to get a couple of signups only to have them dropout for whatever reason. You have to understand that these people made their decision from the start and would have not done any good for your team.

It's better to focus all of your efforts on the distributors who are willing to learn and eventually grow your downline. Don't waste your time trying to teach duplication to people who are not going to take action.

I would rather have a small team of twenty people doing 90% of the work then ninety people doing 20% of the work.

You can leverage your income much better with a smaller and more dedicated team.

No matter what you are always going to need to keep recruiting and never stop no matter how big your team grows. You should always be working to top yourself each time and keep your team flowing with new and motivated members.

If you get twenty signups and they all dropped out then you have to tell yourself that I am going to out and get forty this time. If forty drop out, go and get sixty. Keep up this pace and your team will never die out and it will be only a matter of time before you find the right people with the right attitude.

Expanding Your Empire

People who become top network marketers are always on top of there game and know exactly what works for them. You have to learn how to make good use of your time and money by always tracking and testing your marketing campaigns.

Many people make the same mistake of always resorting to the same marketing techniques or methods and usually get the same results. If you do the same thing twice and nothing changes, the odds are you will not see anything different the third time.

You also have to learn how to market yourself and not the opportunity you are involved in. Instead of promoting your companies website, you should have your own blog or website with your own newsletter that captures subscribers and delivers them to your opportunity .

If you would just start working towards making these small changes today, there is no doubt that with patience and persistence, you will become a top network marketer.
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