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Is It Bad And Wrong To Be A Talker In Life?

Mar 2, 2008
Lately I have seen in some forums smart people and educated marketers go head to head like if it were an 8 mile movie. You should notice them, those that love to write with a purpose to enlighten a fellow reader or visitor who happens to scan a certain forum post. Not only in forums, you see a big talker just blabbering themselves to the masses in order to get attention. Sort of like an ADD symptom!

Many people love being a talker, talking makes them feel good. Others just babble themselves without a purpose. Few of them talk constantly on meaningful subjects and do extremely different and rare things, well, because of ADD! You will certainly see many of these personalities on the mall, unfortunately when you meet other group of friends for partial periods and the one we shall mention, on the Internet. Specially, on forums on videos and on anything that exploits the social media boom currently going with the net.

So asking ourselves if we are being a talker is a relevant choice. Truth being, there is just a small minority of people that can be talkers with continued confidence and without worry. Those are the ones who talk with a purpose, the ones that provide something interesting, insightful, useful and delightful when opening our mouth. In writing, it is the same thing! With a minor insight gathered, many just go to forums, start posting and write just to have something written. Add global hysteria if you ask me among many forums!

Many forums are used for the right purpose, but being in internet marketing forums for the purpose of talking, writing or jotting down words without an effective purpose in play is just plain nuts! Forums are a great way to establish credibility, relationships and even partners over a period of time.
However, posting irrelevant and not useful comments is both a lack of your time and it might even be disrespectful for the certain fellow who is asking what could be a stupid question for you, but a useful question for the party asking!

After more than 8 years on the Internet, I have spent a great fortune posting in forums. My analysis has been in many ways seeing this happen on a constant basis, among many consecutive days. Do not be just a talker to sound smarter than everyone else in a given forum or given conversation with a group of strangers, why not become useful and tone up to the rhythm of a person post on a forum or in conversations?

Do not just say yes or no to a given forum post. Why not expand and answer the why or the given question behind the party who ask the given edifying point in a forum post? The moral of the story, it is bad being a talker when you do not have a ground on what you are doing and what you have achieved.

Many of us can talk and keep talking because the successes previously had. Talking a lot saved me over $8,600 in fees in 2007 alone, what could it be for you when it comes to business or general life? Talk with a purpose and kick ass!
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