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How To Get A Million Dollar Marketing Education For Free

Mar 3, 2008
So here's the thing...

An estimated 99.9% of information you pay out the rear for is contained within free resources around the net. That's not to say that the top products are worthless (some even feature new developments and secrets you won't find anywhere else)...

But most of it is repackaged lessons that go all the way back to the 1920s.

For example, in Frank Kern's 2008 Mass Control, he gives the insight to "join the conversation that's already going on in your prospect's mind (when copywriting)." This is something that's been said since near the beginnings of direct response marketing almost a century ago.

If you pay $500 for a course on internet marketing, then you're not getting ripped off. Even one lesson within that program could be worth thousands of dollars to you. It's highly probable, though, that you can learn that one truth from the stuff that's already out there for free.

What I'm saying is this... You can get a million dollar internet marketing education for free. And I'm going to tell you how and where to discover the true secrets and proven techniques behind marketing that won't cost you a thing.

This article isn't just a batch of killer links (it's that too)...

Imagine it's 1949 again and they're discovering that there's gold all over California. California in 1949 is like the rich information resources on the net right now. You're going to learn how to mine every last bit of gold out of these resources and you'll be left with a million dollar education.

Here's what you'll need:

- An iPod
- A DSL or Broadband Internet Connection
- Orbit FLV (Video) Downloader
- Freez FLV to MP3 Video Converter

Search for the last two in Google and download the free software you'll need to mine for the most valuable information.

Before you begin...

Here's something I've noticed from listening to the gurus on mp3s. They lift you up to another whole level of thought. Not only do you learn the important techniques and methods you need, but your consciousness is lifted. It's almost a spiritual experience. Your whole attitude changes as you listen to these experts.

You'll find out soon enough. Let's get started.

Million Dollar mp3 Downloads

Start a new folder on your desktop called "IM Audio."

Go to these sources and download audio mp3s into that folder. It may take some time to work through these legendary free resources. Once you get them in your folder, open up your iTunes and drag the folder into your library. Now sync to iPod.

- Michael Senoff's Hard to Find Seminars

HardtoFindSeminars.com is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's a library of free lesson-filled interviews with top experts like Carl Galletti, Brian Keith Voiles, Jay Conrad Levison, Mark Joyner, Joe Vitale, Dan Kennedy, Tom Hopkins, and Kevin Hogan.

- Boost My Response

BoostMyResponse.com is a small copywriting resource with 3 interviews by Michel Fortin. 2 interviews with Gary Halbert and 1 with John Carlton on copywriting, the single most important marketing skill (in my opinion).

- Recognized Expert

RecognizedExpert.com is a great library of interviews with gurus like Joe Sugarman and a lot of new faces.


iTunes is another place to find free audio programs. Download iTunes or open your iTunes and search for free podcasts on marketing, copywriting, and online business.

Search for "Podcast with Mike" and you'll get an invaluable podcast series by Mike Filsaime.

Million Dollar Videos to MP3

Let's not stop loading up your iPod just yet. What I want to teach you how to do now is go to any video site and easily download any video and easily convert it into an mp3 so you can add it to your iPod.

Browse vidoes at YouTube or ANY video site by searching for titles like "how to" and "ways to", and also by names (you'll find seminars) like:

* John Carlton
* Jay Abraham
* Mike Filsaime
* Frank Kern
* Yanik Silver
* Gary Halbert
* John Reese

Just to give you some ideas...

- Step 1:

Find a video you want to convert into an mp3 and put on your iPod.

- Step 2:

If you've already downloaded and installed your Orbit FLV Video Downloader, then an arrow should appear at the top right of every single video you view on any website. Click that arrow to open Orbit. ...Create a new folder on your desktop for your videos and press "Download" to download your vid into it.

-Step 3:

Open up your Freez FLV to MP3 Video Converter. Select "Add Flv Files." Browse through your video folder and select your video. Click "Start Converting" and save (output) it into your "IM Audio" folder.

Jay Abraham Seminar on Viddler.com
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