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Ninja Motivation--How to Get it and Keep It

Mar 3, 2008
Jerry dreaded getting out of bed each day. I knew this, not only from his words, but his facial expression told me his life sucked. He blamed his career. He sold medical equipment.

When I asked Jerry why he didn't change careers, he told me he knew nothing else. At 48, he couldn't see himself going back to school and starting over. He wasn't sure how I or hypnosis could help him, only that my flyer advertised "Sales Motivation." Obviously, he sought internal, rather than external change.

I reasoned that not all medical equipment sales persons hated their careers. Many, in fact, love what they do. Surely there was a time when Jerry enjoyed, or at least didn't despise his job.

He responded very quickly to hypnosis. Our first regression session consisted of Jerry revisiting his early career. He earned top salesman slot his very first year! Then the skies darkened. Something changed for the worse. It took two more sessions to discover the culprit.

Jerry's former wife crashed their new BMW, seriously injuring herself. After several surgeries, she became addicted to pain pills. Her real estate career ended, and Jerry's income became all they had. Subconsciously, he resented her.

He forgot how much fun his career could be. Each day became a chore. His rut was so deep, he couldn't see anything else.

I suggested Jerry take ten minutes a day to relive his past motivation. Then I told him just to pretend he was motivated. The results amazed even me.

Within a month Jerry earned top salesman again, the first time in seven years. He told me he was having fun.

Motivation means more than just forcing yourself to do something. The kind of motivation I'm talking about creates Olympic athletes, movie stars, and millionaires. It's that burning desire, that drive that comes from somewhere deep inside.

It reminds me of when I was learning to play piano. All the other kids' parents forced them to take lessons, practice, etc. My parents had to literally pull me off the piano! I sometimes played twelve hours a day. It drove me, pulsed through my veins.

According to Donald Trump, you can't be successful unless you do what you love. But what if you've jumped from career to career and nothing really floats your boat? Does this mean you're doomed to failure?

Another way to view Trump's quote is to reverse it: You must love what you do. What's the difference, you say? The first quote implies an external and passive approach. You have to find something external that you enjoy before you can succeed.

The second quote refers to learning to love or enjoy what you do, even if what you're doing isn't your dream job.

William Shakespeare said, "Nothing is neither good nor bad, but thinking it makes it so."

For most people, spending two hours in the gym would be unbearably boring. When I worked as a personal trainer, however, I did that every day and loved it. It's not the act or situation that's important, but how we view or perceive them.

Attitude is key. Personally, I believe life is too short to do things you hate. Fun is greatly underrated. Who wouldn't like to have fun 24/7? I know I would. Most of us think that you can't have fun and be productive. You must choose one or the other. This is blatantly false.

I think of working factory jobs when I was younger where the management never smiled. No kind words, no encouragement, just a grim, "Do your job or else" mentality. Some days I would have rather listened to William Shatner's Greatest Hits all day than go to work.

If you know how to have fun, you'll always be motivated to do something. It propels us. Makes us want more.

Fran Tarkenton said, "If it ain't fun, you're not doing it right." What's more, in Network Marketing, if it's not fun you won't stick with it. It doesn't matter which company you're with, how much money you're making. If you're not having fun with it, you'll quit.

When people ask me what's the best exercise to lose weight, I tell them to do something they enjoy. Running, while very effective at burning fat and calories, does no good if you can't consistently do it.

You can have fun doing just about anything. When forced to do something you'd rather not, ask yourself, "How can I make this fun?"

Fortunately, Network Marketing, if properly done, has "Fun" written all over it. If you ever speak with a successful Network Marketer, in fact, one of the first things you'll notice is that they seem to be having fun all the time.

If you're not as successful as you'd like, maybe you just need to put more fun into your marketing efforts. Your prospects will hear that in your voice, and want some of what you've got. If you're selling fun, you're virtually guaranteed to find buyers everywhere.
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