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More Than Just A Smile

Aug 17, 2007
Every Customer Service Training Program that I ever attended preached the same old adage- "Put a smile in your voice- Your customers can hear it". Well, in the telephone world, this is not the appropriate direction to give. I have "heard" more smiles that sounded sarcastic and irritated, rather than excited and enthusiastic.

But in the world of face to face customer interactions- a smile really is an important behavior to demonstrate. What are some of the other behaviors that your Supervisors should be on the look out for?

Here is a list to get you started...

Top 10 Behaviors that ARE NOT desirable:
1. Sighing
2. Shrugging the shoulders
3. Rolling the eyes
4. Shuffling of papers
5. Talking with other employees when there are customers waiting
6. Moving at an excessively slow pace when asked by a customer to do something
7. Slouching in a chair
8. Continuously crossed arms
9. Chewing gum
10. Performing personal hygiene like filing nails or tying back hair

Top 10 Behaviors that ARE WOW in face to face customer interactions:
1. Smiling as soon as a customer approaches
2. Greeting the customer with, "How may I help you?" or "How are you today?"
3. Standing up straight
4. Keeping the conversation to business related issues and not getting too personal
5. Keeping clothing neat and to business attire
6. Checking in with customers frequently during the buying process
7. Anticipating the customer's needs by offering a pen, cutting off tags, or offering store coupons for the next visit
8. Staying on task when other employees want to get personal
9. Placing the importance on the customer you are assisting rather than placing priority to the customer who calls on the phone while you have already started to be helped
10. Invite the customer to come back!

In order to Drive WOW Results for your business:
1. Be sure that you communicate these behaviors to everyone when they are hired so that you clearly communicate your expectations.

2. Ensure that your Supervisors demonstrate these behaviors so that they are modeling WOW and setting the right example for everyone.

3. Hold your Supervisors accountable for praising those employees who DO demonstrate the standards and providing specific feedback to those employees who DON'T follow the standards. Remember- what you and your Supervisors tolerate is what the level of performance will be. Don't tolerate anything less than WOW!

This process will assist your organization in optimizing your face to face sales, service and support functions so that you can create WOW Customer Experiences all the time!
About the Author
With 23 years of call center experience, national speaker and author, Kimberly King, helps clients create WOW customer experiences. Contact her at http://www.interweavecorp.com or 877-969-3283. You will be WOWed by her passion and knowledge.
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