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the simple truth about building one way links

Mar 3, 2008
RSS Feeds, Link Popularity and One-way Link Building Strategies

A really successful way to build your link popularity is through the use of your blogs RSS feed capability. Real Simple Syndication better know by its acronym of RSS is an effective way to syndicate content all over the web through RSS feeds. It is fairly easy to build RSS feeds into your website that have links to your web pages.

When other websites use your RSS feeds on their site it takes and adds a link back to your website increasing your link popularity in the process. You can use programs like (RSS Builder a freeware program) to add RSS to your website. However this is not necessary on most major blogging platform as they have this feature built in. Both WordPress a very common and popular free blogging script available through most cPanel web host and the popular Blogger.com have this capability built in.

The act of syndicating your content all over the web is easy with RSS. With the capability of adding RSS feeds to your blog built into most blogging systems it makes building your link popularity a breeze. The more sites that pick up your RSS feed the higher your link popularity score will be which in turn helps your search engine ranking.

Be Careful to Adhere to Strict RSS Validation Standards

WordPress for example also has plug-ins, which make it simple for users to add your RSS feed to their favorite RSS reader. You can find many low cost or free RSS readers and most services like My Yahoo and iGoogle along with My MSN already have this capability built in.

Services like My MSN, My Yahoo, and iGoogle have RSS readers built into them and you can simply add feeds to your homepage. You need to be careful when making your blog post titles, as services like My MSN are very picky and adhere to very strict RSS validation. What this means to you as a blog owner is be very careful of things like apostrophes and quotation marks as these don't validate under strict RSS and your feeds will not load into My MSN.

This can get tricky when you have a title that really screams out for an apostrophe such as "Today's Breaking News" great for human consumption but the validator will hiccup at the apostrophe in the word "today's." You'll want to avoid these kinds of things even if it is a compelling title I would suggest rewording it to say "Hot News Today" and avoid the whole headache entirely.

How to Effectively use a Blog Pinging Service

There is a really easy way to almost automatically increase your blogs link popularity by the effective use of a blog pinging service. Now this is not to say that you don't still have to worry about things like writing compelling content of course you will if you want them to stick around or come back. You will also want to make sure you are updating your blog often to maximize this strategy. If you are taking care of these things then a blog pinging service can do a lot to help out your blog or website get noticed by building backlinks to it.

When choosing a pinging service to use for promoting your blog or website you want to make sure you can ping multiple services from one website. Now of course it is possible to go to each blog search engine, RSS feed aggregator or directory and ping them individually but this is really not necessary. Also this will take a tremendous amount of time in comparison to using a reliable blog pinging services. You want to make sure the service you pick allows you to do dozens of these from their site though.

A strategy we find gives us better return is to ping each site separately. This is not to much harder as your information will already be populated in the websites form so it is just a case of selecting a new service to ping and re-clicking the submit button. It doesn't matter which service you pick find one you are happy with and use it regularly this is the key to making this strategy work. They all have their good and bad points so it is mostly a choice or preference to the site and the services it pings. One last word of caution do not think that multiple pinging is good this will get you labeled as a Spammer and get your IP and website band.
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