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The Wealth Formula - The Importance Of Using A Daily System

Mar 3, 2008
Creating wealth is based on following certain steps. Far from being some mysterious process, it's really just a matter of applying a common sense approach and modeling yourself on others who have successfully created wealth. And to short-cut the process even more for you, let me share some of the steps involved. These are: deciding that you want financial freedom, having a positive mindset, getting mentoring, taking action and following a daily plan.

At the same time, there are also ideas about developing wealth that you might as well dismiss. These are the ideas perpetuated by either people who, selfishly, don't want others to know how they can develop wealth, or those who are inherently cynical and can't fathom the idea that they could obtain wealth if they just changed the way they thought about things. What are these erroneous ideas? Well, one of the major ones is the idea that you already need to be financially well-off in order to achieve even greater riches. Baloney! There are so many people who have become well-off from having absolutely zero that it's not even worth considering such a viewpoint for more than a nanosecond. Another falsehood is the idea that you have to follow a certain approach - e.g. trade the markets or invest in property, or whatever - if you're to ever develop wealth. Again, there are too many exceptions to this "rule" that it's not worth giving the idea the time of the day.

In order to begin your wealth creation journey, you must first decide that you truly want to create wealth. Part of that process is realizing what wealth means to you. Is it just about having money? What is the money for? Or is it more than money? Is it the ability to do what you want, when you want, where you want and how you want... without worrying whether or not you can afford it? Or is it also about being able to get MORE out of every aspect of life - your relationships, your work, your hobbies, your spiritual life, and so on? For many people, true wealth goes beyond having a certain level of financial wherewithal; it extends to having riches in all aspects of life.

An important ingredient in your wealth accumulation efforts is having a daily system or action plan that you consistently apply, day after day. No question - to reach the level of income and net worth you want will take the studious application of many, many small steps. Each of these steps is easy to do... but easy not to do also. And that's why it's so important to establish and follow a daily plan of such actions. You must hold yourself accountable for accomplishing these actions each day. And there's no better way of doing that than having a system of daily actions.

For most people, building wealth is not something that happens overnight. Nor does it rely on good luck or joining the latest "get rich quick" scheme. There are all kinds of ways to build wealth - from investing to running a business. But the "how" is often not the critical piece in the wealth formula. Much more important is the desire to build wealth and the application of the tried and true wealth building principles necessary to build it.
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