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the basics of market presence building

Mar 3, 2008
For a small to medium sized business, having a strong market presence can be hard. Competition is stiff, and it's hard to make your company's voice heard for all the shouting. That's why Internet marketing is such an amazing tool for small businesses, especially when it comes to market presence building.

The Internet allows for endless possibilities when it comes to market presence building. It's really just about good PR - getting your name out there for all to see. Step one is having an awesome website. In the world of Web 2.0, a plain, boring website is often the equivalent of a death wish.

You website should have a blog relating to your industry, and several employees blogging several times a week. Blog posts are often circulated all over the web, and really creative or informative posts can often go a long way to market presence building. A forum or chat of some sort can often do the same thing, so having some combination of the three is a good bet.

In some ways, controlling your market presence building is like hiring a public relations manager to control your online reputation. What shows up in search engines for your company right now? Is it your site, blogs, new stories and favorable reviews of your company? Or does your name yield bad reviews, BBB complaints and rip-off reports? It's important that those types of things DO NOT come up on the first page of search engines when somebody looks up your company.

By taking an active role in your market presence building, you can help control some of the Web publicity your company gets. For example, you can easily become known as an expert in your field online by having your company author 1-2 articles per week on your industry and submitting them to the thousands of free article directories across the web. This alone can change the search results for your company's name.

Add to that regular blogging and several press releases a month, and you've begun your own market presence building plan. Having a strong Internet presence naturally leads to brand awareness and lead generation. In the end, like any other marketing, it all comes back to lead generation!

Search marketing through Google, Yahoo and other pay per click programs is a good way to supplement your market presence building. Basically, you build a campaign of keywords and ad text so when a user types in your keywords, your ad and website pop up. You only pay when the user actually clicks on your ad, which can better target your market and save you money on marketing.

SEO (search engine optimization) is another way to bolster your market presence building. It involves techniques (a lot of site optimization and link building) that will lead to your site popping up in organic search results. This all depends on your keywords and what words people use to link to you. SEO tends to be a longer process but in the end can be cheap and send a ton of traffic to your site.

It's simple: if you want a strong web presence and more leads, develop and implement a strong market presence-building plan. By including several factors like articles, press releases, SEO and blogs, you can get a great reputation going in no time. While not a short-term process, market presence building is like snowball effect - get the ball rolling and see where it goes!
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About the Author: Ms. Lichty is a social media specialist and copywriting guru with ProspectMX. Find more information on market presence building tactics at the author's website.
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