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Mar 3, 2008
Myspace is a great resource for any aspiring musicians. It allows them to get noticed and gives them a chance to build a real audience. In some cases, if the content is good enough, Myspace may even be the trigger into getting a record deal.

Creating great music and putting it up on Myspace is only the first part of it though. There is a lot more to do, which will increase one's chances of getting noticed. Just like every household name out there it takes good marketing to have a chance at stardom.

It is like a business in many ways due to the immense role advertising and marketing has in pulling in potential customers (or in the case of music, fans). This marketing is then backed up by the quality of the product, or the music.

One of the first steps in promoting your Myspace music account is to increase your mp3 song plays. Having a high number of plays will attract the attention of people, including talent scouts. Your Myspace music page is also more likely to make it onto the charts, meaning that exposure will increase drastically. There are many programs out there that will raise your song plays for you by using various methods such as proxies. Many of these programs also offer other similar services such as increased profile view counts.

All of these methods are there to make visitors think that the artist is popular, even if he/she really isn't. Having a popular page helps the artist's reputation grow faster; the whole process is exponential. It has been tested many times and almost always the results have been that people are more likely to do something and give it more attention if other people have also done it. Basically the old adage monkey see, monkey do is true.

So where can one find these programs? Well a simple Google search for increase Myspace mp3 plays will turn up over a million results. There are hundreds of websites and programs out there made specifically for the purpose of increasing song plays on Myspace. The cost of such programs varies, but many do have free demos which should give the customer an idea of what to expect. It is best to try out a few before purchasing to ensure the most value for your money.

Most of these sites claim that this is how all the big names did it and that this is the only way you can compete with them. Whatever the reason is, it does seem to work. One thing to always remember though is that the music content must be good too because without that you will have nothing to keep the visitors you get from these methods and your page will most likely fall off the charts again. Having quality songs is a must; this method is just the spark to get it kicked off on the right foot.

Once you have both quality songs and an influx of visitors, all that is left to do is write and publish more songs, which is what most of the artists on Myspace want to do in the first place. It is great that sites like Myspace give amateurs the opportunity to achieve something big. These play count increasing programs are just tools to help unknown musicians try to achieve the best effects with their music.
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