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How To Make Money In Freelance Work

Mar 3, 2008
Today, the freelance market is bubbling with opportunity and money! If you're wondering about how to make money, then your answer is right here. Read on to find out more.

If you've been trying to determine how to make money using the Internet, try looking over one or more of the freelance work sites in order to bid on the projects listed under service buyer's pages. There are dozens of categories to choose from so you can bid based on the area of your expertise. There are many writing jobs in various categories that you can select from. These jobs can be short term where you complete two or three items and then go on to the next project, or they can be almost full time projects that go on indefinitely.

Data Entry

A good example of freelance work you can do on the Internet is to do data entry for businesses on the Internet. If you want to learn how to make money from data entry, you should check with freelancer sites for projects asking for data entry personnel. Data entry can be very routine work and even boring at times, but accuracy is of prime importance, so this type of work isn't for everybody. You may be entering numbers into a data base or address information. When doing data entry work at home, you can work your favorite hours. In this type of detail-oriented work, you will need to take frequent sanity breaks or the accuracy level quickly deteriorates.


When you think of transcription jobs in connection with how to make money, they sound like an excellent opportunity. The first category that comes to mind is medical transcription. The money is good, but you will have to learn the medical terms so that you can transcribe without errors. These jobs are a little harder to find as freelance work. Another common transcription job found on freelance sites is transcribing interviews or conference calls. You are usually paid by the audio hour, of sometimes by the page of typed materials.


Freelance workers know how to make money in other ways. Look at the possibilities advertised on the job board for more information. Freelancers write directory articles, web page content, product descriptions, product reviews, website informational articles, blogs, and testimonials--all for hire. The advantage of such jobs is that you get a lot of variety in subject matter, although they lean heavily to wealth building, legal assistance, real estate and travel. The work requires that you be able to do research on the Internet, to express yourself in good English, and that you be able to stick with scheduled deadlines.

Forum Manager

Another way in which freelancers know how to make money on line is to become a forum manager. Large and busy website forums need a manager or managers to respond to questions by visitors, provide links to information, and mediate in arguments between forum guests, and remove obnoxious guests from the ability to participate. Part of the duties of the forum manager may be to take the part of other visitors to the forum so that it appears more busy and thus, more attractive to other web surfers.
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