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The Importance Of Small Business Marketing

Mar 3, 2008
An article showing you why you have to market your small business.

Small businesses need innovation and resourcefulness as they do not generally have the necessary resources to launch huge marketing campaigns. If you are running a small business and looking for cost efficient marketing solutions, this article tells you how you can use the internet to your company's advantage.

Five ways to market your small business online:

First of all, build a website - This is the means for prospective customers to find out about you and the products you have to offer. You don't have to pay for web hosting even if you're running a website that is commercial just as long as your company can be properly labelled as a small business. Compared to other online media, a website enables your customers to see and hear about what you are offering and perhaps even to interact with you also.

Know about search engine optimisation (SEO) - This is important as your work is not just about building a website. In order for your website to work as a marketing tool for your business, you need to incorporate search engine optimisation elements in it. It can help your website soar to the top of search engine rankings therefore providing desired exposure.

With search engine optimisation, ensure that you focus on design and content. The website must have easily located links to facilitate navigation, as well as its layout being visually attractive. HTML should be used as much as possible as this is more search engine optimisation friendly than for example, CSS. Refresh or update the content as much as you can as new information will always encourage old and new readers to visit your site. Think about appropriate keywords for your website and use them wherever possible. DO NOT commit grammatical errors or ruin the coherence of your content.

Build your network contacts - A website does not operate by itself. You should do your best to build a network which can be done by establishing good working relationships with other website owners. Be ready to give as many favours as you hope to receive in return. As you make good friends with these people, you will end up exchanging links and this is called affiliate marketing.

Get involved with pod casting - Make new pod casts regularly and insert your ads in between. You need to make them short and interesting so as to discourage your listeners to switching off.

Start blogging! Blogs are one of the most effective online marketing tools today. If you don't have one, you are missing you on huge opportunities. They allow you to directly interact with prospective customers and instantly send updates about anything new happening with your company's services or products. In order to increase the marketing effectiveness of your blog, make sure you are writing about only one topic. This must be directly related to your company's products or services. It must also be something you know and love to enable you to write in a convincing and interesting way.
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