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Employee Relocation - The Role Of Human Resources Development!

Mar 3, 2008
Even in very large business and companies, there exist some common rules and policies about employee relocation. Companies often lure professionals by offering bonuses and incentives. They offer these at times of relocation to their existing employee set as well, to push them into accepting the offer.

The human resources development of a corporation is constantly seeking bright young professionals to join the team. This process of ongoing search and recruiting of new and promising employees is popularly spoken of as head-hunting. The reality is that this profession has gone so far, that companies are forever trying to lure people away from their rival firms by offering better salaries, work conditions and work timings. This puts a sought after professional in rather a comfortable position in life.

But all said and done there is nothing wrong with offering someone a job whether he is employed at the time or not. However, your offer needs to be sugar coated with the right benefits for the candidate to take the risk of joining a fresh company, and doubly so if you wish for him to relocate to a new city. This arrangement can and does at times lead to abuse of the system, in the sense that a fresh employee when not given the incentives that were promised to him, can go against the company.

More often than not this happens due to a lack of communication within the company, between the human resource and other wings of the establishment.

The nineteen nineties saw a boom in hiring trends like never before. Globalization had arrived, and was more the normality than the exception. Thousands of professionals were being called in to work in USA, from India and South Asia in general.

Fresh new industries were coming up that required the man power to support them in the west, and Asia could provide this in large numbers. New policies called for a new number of employees in the company, and the concept of human resource became ever important. This of course affected the lives of many a professional, in the sense that they had to relocate for long durations to a country they hadn't planned to work in.

Well things have slowed down a little bit since that time, what with terrorism and visa restrictions coming into stringent effect, but it's still prominent. Today an employer may not be so very eager to offer perks to someone from another country simply because of the painstaking paperwork involved to see the offer through. Today embassies look diligently into every foreigner that wants to work in the USA. Thanks to these reasons, relocation policies although still present, have mellowed down on their generosity.

However with especially skilled work force professionals, it is never to difficult to find a good offer with relocation benefits.
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