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Why Even Captains Need Coaching

Mar 3, 2008
There are large companies and businesses that have experienced both failure and success. To be successful, one needs to have failed first to work towards becoming successful learning as they go and thus learning to maintain that high status. The world of business is competitive, especially the consumer product industry, the bottom line is making sure that the correct business or executive coaching/training are given to the people at top.

Without a good management structure, it will be unlikely that the rest of the company will function smoothly. As an executive, you play a key role in the running of the business. You are also a vital person to the staff; they are likely to approach you for information, direction, your sound judgement and skills, expertise and most of all your support. With all this in mind, including the stress of running the business whom do you as the executive turn to? This is where either a business or executive coaching becomes a necessity.

Business coaching is a good step into understanding your business, how best to steer it towards gaining successful results and maintaining the good results in the long-run. This not only involves management but can incorporate the whole team to work together to achieve the desired objective. Executive coaching is exactly as it is named - coaching for executives, CEOs or business owners to help improve or develop their skills.

Coaching for the head person is not an easy step to make. Many people in this position feel embarrassed or overwhelmed by the prospect of talking to a complete stranger, as the coach will be working alongside the executive on a one-to-one basis. The conversations that take place in a typical coaching session, help build up the clients' self-awareness and start taking responsibility for achieving the desired goal/outcome.

During coaching, the client will also learn how to develop their business through listening to their own employees' opinions, as well as giving support to the more senior members to lead from the front. Not only that as the chieftain, you are more likely to be faced with making difficult situations, come up with on the spot solutions and try to balance your work life with your personal life.

With any business, executive coaching for company managers or business owners, this enables the client to have someone to turn to, as it is a well-known fact that being at the top you are more likely to feel isolated and lonely. Recognising your needs and getting to the core of what your outcome should be is the key point to remember for those looking to start coaching. Although, clients have the option of using coaching to improve their management skills, build confidence and anger management.

Coaching is not only useful and beneficial for your work life but it is also a life changing experience. Clients have experienced improvements in the work arena as well as better relations with their own clients and improvement in their personal life.
About the Author
Anna Stenning has participated in business and executive coaching, and understands how getting involved in these kinds of exercises will benefit the individual long-term both personally and professionally. For more on training and coaching visit http://www.obsidian.co.uk/
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