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Tips On Starting Your Own Magazine

Mar 3, 2008
Starting any new venture needs some basic research, planning and preparation. To start any business or enterprise looks easy. Looking at the rosy picture of making profits makes one tend to forget hidden obstacles in the way, or the amount of trouble one might have to face. Starting a new magazine too, requires a certain amount of data, an honest assessment of your resources, and the ability to come up with such a publication in the present competitive market, with a well laid-out plan and an arrangement to meet all the production and marketing requirements and costs.

Look before you leap

Always consider whether your resources and preparations are sufficient to make a successful entry into the market. Make an impartial assessment of your plan and preparation with respect to the true market potential of your magazine. Any impractical idea or notion about your enterprise will cost you heavy financial losses, a lot of headache, and a bad reputation, to say the least. Try to view your plan as an outsider, who is bound to look for loopholes or glaring faults of your scheme that might be overlooked by you.

Start with a firm foundation

Develop journalistic skills, with an excellent record of accomplishment. This helps you to obtain an idea about the reader requirement, business potential of the venture, and the overall market. Such a journalistic career is also helpful in creating an identity as a scribe, and helps establish contacts in the related field.

Innovate marketable ideas

Think about any innovative marketable ideas that will make your magazine different from others, as well as prove to be cost-effective. Sometimes it is possible to start as a pullout product of an already established newspaper or periodical, provided your proposal is considered attractive, feasible and practical enough by the concerned publication. If you are convinced that the local market potential is not fully utilized through the publication, because of its focus on bigger markets, you can prepare and present a detailed study highlighting the under-penetrated local market, its growth potential, a workable plan of a pullout publication that will prove profitable. It is much more like a report prepared by a marketing company before introducing a product to any specific local market. Always find out your well-defined market and the target population.

Better ways to start a magazine

It is suggested that a magazine may be started as an online publication before coming out in print medium. Online publication does not need huge expenses unlike the print medium. All it would need will be the expenses required for creating your ISP, purchasing the domain name, website designing charges, and whatever time you invest in writing. Seek advice of the professionals or friends in this field. Ensure your venture is going to be a profitable one, and go ahead to plan and prepare.

It is recommended that you should visit some useful websites such as www.sba.gov that provide useful inputs on starting an enterprise on one's own. There are other useful websites as well that give more specific information and tips about how to start a magazine and run it profitably. Make a good use of all these available resources before planning to start your magazine.
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