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Relocation - The ABCs Of Company Relocation!

Mar 3, 2008
There are many reasons why a company may relocate to a new location. Some companies buy their own property, and move out of a rented space, others prefer to move to outskirts thanks to issues like real estate pricing, whatever. Whatever the reason, once you've made the decision to move premises, you need to assure your employees that it is for the better. No doubt you will face some flack from a few of the employees, while the others may see eye to eye with you on the decision.

You need to make things clear to every employee why you are relocating. Once you've done this, you can expect the eager co operation of the team leaders to help you set up as efficiently as the current operating premises, and hopefully even better. Do assign specific relocation tasks to specific leaders within the company without leaving any stones unturned.

You could well even hire a relocation specialist to assist with the move. Moving an entire company is no mean feat, and there are many issues that could crop up last minute. A specialist with experience is used to seeing these issues crop up, and could help you deal with them efficiently. In fact the right guy will take the weight off your shoulders completely.

Before committing to a deal with a relocation specialist make sure you have a meeting to discuss all the areas that you feel are critical to your company's relocation. Be open to ideas, and get everything down on paper.

The specialist will no doubt be the one to initiate the process, and remember, the contract is vital for any deal. Make sure you get a clear cut contract signed with the specialist, and that his responsibilities are crystal clear. Once you get this done, there is no chance of later complaints that the idea wasn't in fact clear to both sides.

There is a lot that can go wrong when relocating an entire company, so planning is vital. A specialist is used to taken care of every aspect of relocation, from finding the right premises for rent, lease or outright purchase to employee motivation. The right guy can definitely make your move a hassle free process that will leave your hands free to take care of the more important decisions for your firm. So look around for a specialist.

A simple search online can give you a list of professionals that specialize in helping companies to relocate. Alternatively, you could ask your peers from other companies that have relocated recently. No doubt, a tried and tested person known to a peer is well worth your consideration. Finally, never hire a professional who is unable to provide you with a list of past clients. Do contact their past clients to reassure your self and your board of managers that he is capable of handling the job efficiently.
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