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Your successful vending machine business selling hot drinks

Mar 3, 2008
You can have a successful vending machine business selling hot drinks. People really enjoy them all year long. Of course you will be able to sell more of them when it is cold outside. Yet this is a type of vending machine business that should be steady enough all year long for you to make a good deal of money.

Think about places where people may be and want such a drink. The lobby area of a business office building, a hospital, and even at the waiting areas for public transportation can all work well. You may be more creative than that and find even better locations that other people haven't thought of yet.

Hot drinks aren't just limited to coffee though even though it is a big seller. You will find many customers want either regular or decaffeinated coffee from such a vending machine. Some people like light coffee while others like it dark. Given them plenty of options and your sales will soar. Consider offering other hot drinks including tea and cappuccino. You can have various flavors of these too.

Whatever hot drinks you choose to offer them, make sure the quality is amazing. I have gotten some great hot drinks from vending machines before. I have also tried some that I don't think would be much better than muddy water from the parking lot. You want to offer them something that find to be very refreshing and that they will eagerly buy again in the future.

Quality shouldn't end though with just what you are dispensing from the vending machine though. Think about the supplies including cups and lids for them. You need them to fit well to prevent burns and spills from occurring. You also need to offer the various items that a person would add such as sugar and creamer. There should be spoons or sticks for them to stir it all with too.

Many of the fancier and more advanced types of hot drink vending machines have all of those features in them. The customer will select the drink they want, the way they want it doctored up, and it will all be dispensed for them that way. This can eliminate the need to have additional items around. If the vending machine isn't in a supervised area you may find your other supplies get stolen anyway.

Make sure you price out the best quality machines that you can. They need to be around for the long run. It is important that you are aware of the warranty and that it covers at least two yeas of service. It is surprising how many used machines have warranties on them. Make sure you do your homework so youknow what is involved when you need to work on them.

There is definitely a market though for hot drinks, so this could turn out to be a very good investment. It is wise to do your research first and find out what type of sales you can reasonably forecast from it. Of course your location for such a vending machine is definitely going to influence your chances of being successful or not.
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