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Google Analytics: Your Guide to Your Website

Mar 4, 2008
Google Analytics Tutorial is a safe, secure and simple tool through which webmasters can get a detailed report and statistics about their website and the website traffic. The usability and the layout is as simple as it gets, and best of all, this Web logs is another free tool offered by this online giant. All you have to do to incorporate this powerful Web logs into your website is to make a Google account, and install a tracking code that they provide on every page which you would wish to have a report on. This tracking code takes care of tracking the visitors of your website and giving out relevant information about their web browsing attitudes. It pays special attention to the latest trend in web metrics.

Once this is set up, the Dashboard is a one-stop place for every information about the web page and the website. One of the simplest uses of Google is to find out how many users access your website in a given timeframe. Going a bit deeper into the service, you can find out how many users have come to your website, in a given timeframe and from which regions. Further, you can also find out whether the visit was a search-engine oriented visit, and whether it was a paid search engine oriented visit or a non-paid search engine oriented visit.

The system also informs you whether the visitors are unique visitors or returning visitors. With such a detailed information about your website available at the click of a button, it is only natural that you will make your conversion rates increase. You will also be able to take more informed decisions about the goals of your website.

Google Analytics Tutorial gives a detailed analysis of the visits to the site, the number of pageviews, or clicks by each user, it also gives a clear idea of the number of pages accessed per visit, the average time spent on the site, the bounce rate for your website according to each user and even a percentage of new visits in a given timeframe. You can also customize the way the results are shown on your dashboard page.

To sum it all up, Google Analytics is the one-stop solution for you to have a successful website, and what's more, it's all free. This service has many advantages over any other system of website analytics. While there are other websites which offer information about the traffic of a website and other details, it is not possible to divide the traffic in the various niches that would be required by the webmaster.

Also, Google scores over any web traffic information provided by their web hosts, for the simple reason that web hosts rarely offer the dynamic information about web traffic that Google can and does provide. Simply put, the Analytics engine creates a database of the web traffic of every website that has its tracking code and then provides the webmaster or business owner with detailed insights into the working and success of the website. The Internet is still a jungle and one needs a proper guide for everything from simple survival to robust success. So, if you have your website success in mind, just remember to keep Google Tutorial somewhere in the back of your mind.
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Katia Lorenzen discovered Google Analytics while doing research for a new article. More information about this indispensable tool and a Google Analytics tutorial can be found here: http://www.Analytics411.com.
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