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Affiliate Marketing - 5 Strategies Needed For Success

Mar 4, 2008
Many new affiliate marketers tend to look for a successful product that will give them the biggest profit. Some fall into the trap of looking for the product that will allow them to sit back and watch the money roll in. The reality is that they need good marketing practices that successful online marketers have used to acheive the best results.
These principles have worked with online marketing and are now producing results with online affiliate marketing. Try these five marketing strategies that others have used to increase their sales in affiliate marketing.
1. Consider Using a separate website for each product you are promoting. This will increase the cost of web hosting and set up time but it will give you more marketing options on the site to sell that product, and will be less confusing for the customer.

2. Product reviews on a website will give visitors an idea of the benefits the product will bring them. With their permission, use testimonials from satisfied customers, including names and photos.

3. A separate page with articles outlining the uses of the product can also help focus on the benefits to the customer. A call to action should be included on the information. Headlines can be used to attract readers to read more. Highlight the benefits to the customer.

4. Offering free reports to your site visitors is a good way to convince them that you are genuine. Try to place them near the top of your page to make them visible. Once the visitor imputs their information including email address then your autoresponder messages become extremely important. Most visitors will not buy from you on the first visit. Often it will take several messages from you, with reasons to buy the product, before they buy. Make sure you comply with the Anti-spam laws including the "unsubscribe link."

Your messages should focus on how your product can benefit the reader so they become motivated to buy. It is important that your subject line is noticable, without being misleading or gimmicky. Avoid using "free" in the subject line because some older spam filters will send them to the junk mailbox.

5. This last point seems to be obvious but we all need to be reminded of it from time to time. Targeted traffic is so much more valuable than just any traffic. If your traffic includes a large percentage of people who were not interested in your product then they will soon click off your site, never to return. A great way to find the readers your looking for is writing articles for e-zines. You can choose publications that reach your target audience. The length of your articles should be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 700 words.

If you are not used to writing articles then it can be slow going to start with but with practise you can speed up. The more articles you get published the more readers and potential traffic you will receive. Once you have set up one affiliate program and started receiving sales, you can then repeat the process for other programs and diversify your income streams.
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