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The Easiest Money You'll Ever Make Online

Mar 4, 2008
Here's one of the best-kept secrets in the internet marketing world.

Want to know the easiest way to make money on the net?

Here's Your Website

* You get tons of traffic, but you don't work for it.

* You have tons of unique content, but you didn't even publish it yourself.

* You have a thriving internet business that takes 10 minutes a day to run.

I know. You're thinking I can't be serious. You think this because you've probably never heard about what you're about to discover.

Here's What I'm Talking About

* An online business that others promote.

* An online business others produce unique content for.

* An online business that you so easily build a list with that it's like child's play.

Here's What You Do

* Choose a market you already work in, one that you've already started building a list in.

* Install the Drupal Open Source (free) content management system on your new website.

* Install Drupal's AdSense Module.

Because Here's What's Going On

Let's say you have Drupal installed on your website. We'll say it's a community that publishes articles on internet marketing.

The AdSense Module allows you to share AdSense ad space with the users of your site. Whenever they publish an article on your site, their AdSense ads are displayed a percentage of the time on their own articles. The Module also has a similar referral program.

* Easy Content:

You offer 90% AdSense earnings to your users for their own pages (this is easy to set).

* Easy Traffic & Easy Content:

You offer 10% AdSense earnings to your users who refer others to the site using their referral link. Whenever they refer someone, their ads are displayed on the pages of the users they referred 10% of the time.

This module takes care of all of your content and traffic problems.

How to Set it Up

I'm not going to go into the technical details of how to set up your Drupal community. For one it's boring. Two it's easy when you use the free on-site Drupal guide and support forum.

Here's How You and Your Users Will Benefit

You'll benefit because you're making easy small amounts of AdSense cash and that's all!

No that's not all... Not even close friend.

The golden nugget of this operation is that you can put an opt-in form on your users' pages and collect e-mails all day long for doing nothing.

Your users will benefit from writing and publishing on an already established site. They'll all get to know each other and it'll be like a blogging community. They'll likely make more AdSense revenue than with their dinky Blogger or WordPress blogs.

So far there have been a lot of blogging communities with AdSense sharing, but the webmasters are having a cookout with money (grilling 100-dollar bills like they're damn steaks) by not marketing at the same time. Build your list and this is a perfect opportunity for you to have an almost automated successful online business.

How to Get Your Site Rolling

Obviously the automation wont begin until you have a few writers on your site working for AdSense revenue. So here's what you do...

Make the index/welcome page of your site like a sales page. Write something that will connect with your market (most likely people who are passionate about making money online) and get them to sign up. Treat it like you would if you were selling something.

Post a classified ad at a free Craigslist site. You'll probably get a few writers this way. When they make a couple bucks, they'll start promoting your site for both their articles and refer other users. This is why it's also important to create a compelling page about your referral program and publish a link to it in your navigation menu.

Key Thoughts and Pointers

* Take Care of Your Users:

Remember to treat your core users with respect. After all, they're doing all your work. You're not there to be a bad guy and reap all the benefits. If you start making serious cash, be sure to get your core users' mailing addresses and send them some checks in the mail to keep them happy. It's not right to slave others to death for your benefit, even if they are not-so-smart newbies.

* You Only Moderate:

The only thing you have to do that takes 10 minutes to an hour per day is moderate. Here's what I would do if I were you. ...When your site gets really popular, don't leave the gates open for new writers. Focus on taking care of your core group of writers. You also won't have to deal with spam posts.

* Again:

Take care of your users who are making you a whole lot of money. It's the right thing to do and you'll grow to love your relationship with your users. Without them, your dream business wouldn't be possible.
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