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5 Questions You Need To Answer To Build Massive Traffic To Your Website

Mar 4, 2008
It's been proven and heard many times over. Building traffic is NOT easy and if anyone that tells you it is.. then they are not being honest.Try and steer clear of "Join us and get more hits" parade and try some of these suggestions instead. Besides, hits don't always convert to customers either.

Do you have good content?

The copy or material on your website has to provide good value to your visitors. Think about what you say to your readers. Think how your writing should make your readers take the action you want to. It's hard work, but generates long-term targeted traffic. You've heard the famous saying "Quality is more important than quantity". When it comes to traffic building, this saying is 100% true. Concentrate on creating the best content you can for your visitors.

Do you have original content?

Yes, it takes a lot of effort to do that, but it works well. When visitors to your site read original content, it's going to leave a mark on them. And the best thing is, it's difficult to compete with an original content site.

Sites like this always keep their visitors because they tend to come back for more original content. If you have difficulty in creating new content, just hire someone to write for you or spin (re-write) some private label content.

Is your content timeless?

Is it going to provide value for many years or months to come? If you write content that will be relevant to future readers, it's relevant and meaningful today.

Why is this important? Because, timeless content affects people on a deeper level, makes them take action, may even promote change in their lives because it has meaning to your readers. Write about the deeper meaning of concepts, not happenings.

Do you write for humans, not computers?

Remember, it's the people who are reading your content, not search engine robots. Why would you ignore search engine rankings? Because if you write things that people find valuable and useful, word-of-mouth referrals will bring you enough traffic that stays with you. In addition, search engine algorithms too are becoming smart these days and picking up content that are readable and makes sense to people rather than machines.

Do you write in a fashion so people know who you are?

Do you tell stories to drive home an idea? To educate and inform? This is the most effective way of writing and it can positively impact on your traffic because people will relate to your experiences. Letting people know YOU builds a better understanding with your visitors and makes them come back for more, leading to repeat traffic.

Answer the above questions honestly and you are right on your way to generate leads, customers, new business, team members, and traffic.
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Ranju is the associate editor of Traffic-Sales-Profits.com and leads a team of 50 professionally qualified "Traffic Assistants". Visit the website below to check out "The 15 Most Effective Ways to Drive Tons of Highly Targeted Traffic" to your website today http://www.raamanand.com/am.php and collect a free special report just for visiting.
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