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The Green Audit means Business

Mar 4, 2008
The state of Florida is one of many pressing businesses to "Go Green" or lose out on business. Green firms also need to work with Green providers, but how does a company become Green certified? We are living in a Green-concerned world. The trouble is that very few people understand the definition of Green, and fewer know how to certify a Green program.

The first question is "What is the definition of Green?" and the second is "How do I certify that my product or service is Green?" Both questions seem to have numerous half-baked answers that will do more than prove how embarrassingly unprepared most people are about this new challenge.

Green refers to the health implications of anything we add to the equations of our complex lives. If there are immediate and long-term harm done to humans, animals, or living things, the process is not Green. Now, it must be admitted that there are no 100% Green programs, but Green generally is established by a balance of minimal harm and maximum benefits. So, something like a disinfectant may be Green in an objective viewpoint because it has a minor concern during application, but has major health benefits to the health of those in a hospital.

The Green Audit is a program that evaluates the merits of a product or service to determine if the offering can be certified as a Green program. This is a professional service that evaluates the claims of a product or service for certification. This services is impartial, and requires that a full report be completed that will provide a basis for the certification. This Green Audit report provides evidence to validate the certification. These findings are provided in a report that proves up the reasons for the Green Clean certification.

Some products can earn the approval of the EPA, but the EPA process can be difficult, inapplicable to your situation, or too difficult to obtain. Working with the Green Clean Institute as an independent firm, the Green Audit is available for commercial and non-commercial applications. This process is honest, efficient, and uncompromising. It does, however, require a complete review and evaluation to determine if the program can be certified as Green.

It is possible to seek the approval of the EPA, but the EPA process can be costly, slow, and not applicable to your project. The Green Business League works with the Green Clean Institute to perform the Green Audit for commercial and non-commercial applications. Not all programs will earn this certification, but those that do, have a great certification.

Green credential should never be by self-acclamation or strength of advertising. Greenwashing refers to the growing practice of misleading consumers about the Green nature of a product. The Green Business League works with the Green Clean Institute to perform the Green Audits. Before your company loses an important deal, consider a Green Audit. There are no guarantees of a Green certificate, but it is entirely possible to get your Green certification through this process.
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If any business wishes to get a Green Audit to certify a product or services as Green certified, contact the Green Business League program or Certifiably Green Clean for a professional Green certified audit of any product or service.
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